Write About What You Know

This old saying is still true today, articles written about things you care about and know well make the best reading. So you say, “I’m not an expert”, “I don’t know about anything special”. ¬†Well, I doubt that’s true, we are all knowledgable about something.

For example if you are knowledgeable about video games, write about them. You could write about what you like about Mario or Luigi. Explain why you are a Mario fan, how much you play, and why you play. Just cover the basics of who, what, when, where and how and you will be amazed as to how much you have written.

Then go back and flesh-out the piece by adding some antidotes about your game scores, the highest mario game scorers, favorite game cheats, etc. Talk about the history of Mario and Luigi. Research how many people play this video game and investigate the game’s popularity. Or draw a picture with you words of the best or worse Mario game you have played. Or describe a competitive Mario game you have played with a sibling or friend, and how you won or lost. Sometimes writing about losing is much more interesting than writing about winning.

All this taken together can make for an interesting and well written article!
The more you write, the better you will get in organizing your thoughts, and presenting them in a clear and engaging manner. Practice re-writing the article paragraph by paragraph until you get the best written version possible. There are always many ways to same the same things. Look up words in a thesaurus to find antonyms and synonyms for important words to make them and poignant or sharp.

With practice you can become an informative, engaging and even entertaining writer!

PS – I’m a Big Mario Fan!