Cherishing Memories : How to Keep those Photos Organized

There are many things to love about digital cameras. They allow us to take as many photos as we want without worrying about running out of film. They allow us to keep images permanently on our computers without worrying about them getting lost or destroyed. However, the sheer volume of photos that the digital age allows us to accumulate causes many people a headache trying to keep them all organized. If you struggle with keeping your photo collection organized, follow these tips to make the process easier.

 Keep the Date

The best way to keep photographs organized is by date. This is only possible if you make sure that your camera is always set to the right time and date. Always check this before you start shooting pictures with your camera. You should also make sure that any photographs you import from others have the correct date stamped on them.

Delete the Garbage

We all have those moments where we know right away that a photograph we took is horrible. Many times people don’t worry about it because digital cameras offer so much storage space that it is hard to fill their memory cards. However, those poor photos ultimately clog up photo collections later on. Avoid this hassle by deleting poor photographs right after you take them.

Divide Your Picture Library into Categories

One of the best ways to keep a photo library neatly organized on your computer is to place photos into subfolders within the “Picture” library on your computer. Make folders for each year. Then make photos for each month. You can then subdivide the months into folders that are labeled with the name of the place or event where the photos were taken at.

Make Sure to Back up Your Photo Library

The convenience of storing all your photos on your hard drive can become a nightmare if your computer is ever lost, stolen or damaged. Imagine losing every one of your photographs in one fell swoop. Avoid this nightmare scenario by making at least two backups of your photo library. External hard drives are a very cheap option these days, so one set of backups should be on an external hard drive. The other set of backups should be kept on an online storage option to avoid losing your photos in the case of a fire, flood or other event that could destroy your home.

Don’t Forget to Print Your Photos

Even though computers are nice for storing photographs, it is even nicer when they are held in the hand. Be sure to print out your best photos and present them in a nice manner such as wire coil booklet printing.