Top Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013

kindle fireBy Alisha Webb

This is an article for helping technologically-impaired people find great gifts for the nerdy loved ones in their lives.


In today’s fast paced world, the latest and greatest pieces of technological flair are a must have for many people. However, studies by various science boards suggest that a great percentage of people are still struggling to speed up on the Information Superhighway. This helpful guide summarises all the hottest new gadgets of 2013, arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day! Perfect gifts for the beloved geek in every person’s life.

Tablet PCs

The tablet is all the rage for every age group. The new Apple iPad 3 is a fantastic product. With an almost 10-inch screen and Retina display (a whopping 264 pixels per inch), the picture has an instantly recognisable difference in quality. Whether for streaming video or watching films, the iPad 3 is top of the line. For a considerably cheaper price, the iPad Mini is also a great choice.

For the bookworms out there, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite shines bright. With the super combination of high-resolution display and a built-in light, the user only sees clean, crisp text without any glare. The intensely white background creates a great contrast for less stress on the eyes.

The most fun tablet by far is the Lenovo Horizon. It works like a regular computer, but also lies flat on a table top. It can even turn into a table with an optional accessory stand. With a 27 inch screen, this is a great tablet for multiplayer gaming and viewing from multiple angles. Purchase additional accessories such as joysticks and air hockey paddles to fully complete the gaming experience!

Games Systems

There are some wonderful gaming systems fresh on the market as well. The Nintendo Wii U is out, boasting new features: a gamepad controller and a significantly enhanced processor. The gamepad controller can be used as a remote for the television and surfing the web, and can turn into a portable gaming device. It works wonders to keep (big) children quiet on a long road trip!

For a really fantastic portable gaming experience, buy the PlayStation Vita. This piece of equipment strives to be as close to a full gaming system as possible, and it succeeds rather well. With near perfect graphics on a 5 inch screen, the picture quality is amazingly similar to the PlayStation 3. The system features two analog sticks and a D-pad like a full size PlayStation controller would have, but it also has touch screen capabilities. It’s the best of both worlds for an optimal gaming experience. It doesn’t stop there. The touch screen is not only fast, but it is multi-touch aware. The Vita’s tilt controls work flawlessly, and there’s even a touch panel on the rear of the console! Be sure to stay near the wall though, the battery life of the PlayStation Vita is quite undesirable, especially for the refined gamer.

Music Systems

People never tire of music, and this season has already produced some amazing speakers. The Audioengine 5+ speaker system is a must have for those who love beating the bass. It features 5 inch Kevlar woofers, 20mm silk-dome tweeters, an integrated amplifier, and more posts and ports on the back than the average human knows what to do with.

For those using mobile devices, the Jawbone Big Jambox is perfect. Not only does it pair wirelessly with Android and iOS systems and have a long-standing battery life, but it pumps out dynamic sound for its size. It even fits in a pocket!

For an even bigger portable sound system, the Ion Party Rocker is the way to go. It pairs over a Bluetooth connection like the Jawbone Jambox does, but it also includes a dome on the top that projects coloured disco lights. The lights pound to the beat of the music, creating a rocking dance party wherever it goes.


Thinking about a television? The 3D OLED TV by LG is a dream. Despite its immense 55 inch screen, it weighs only 16.5lbs and it’s so thin that it is nearly invisible when viewed from the side! The innovative 3D technology provides fun for people of all ages with an amazing picture quality.

Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Phone

Topping the list as the neatest technology available is the Samsung’s Galaxy Beam projector phone. Imagine displaying your pictures and presentations for a whole crowd! The DLP Pico projector provides 15 lumens and is built directly into the phone; it also projects images up to 50 inches in size and maintains its clarity up to 6 feet away from a surface. The Galaxy Beam is ideal for being the centre of attention with friends and family. It also includes a camera and all normal phone functions, and it will connect through a Google apps subscription.


Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so don’t delay! With so many fascinating products on the market right now, finding the right gift for every kind of technology-loving person should be easy. Talk to the associates at your local electronics store to find the best prices on these hot items now.

About the Author:

Guest post By Alisha Webb On behalf of Conosco – IT support services London.


CNET – Ultimate Tech Gift List –

5 apps to make your life easier

By Kate Pirs

A Smartphone definitely makes an excellent gift for yourself. But getting a Smartphone is similar to buying a pet where you need to take special care and make certain adjustments in order to enjoy the fun parts.

Downloading different apps in your Smartphone for making your life much easier and to remain updated with the local information is just like training a pet which ultimately results in the most desirable outcomes.

The main difference between your Smartphone and a PC is that it is quite hard for you to browse the internet on the small screen. The Smartphone apps are designed to display all the information on the Smartphone in an elegant, organized and simpler way that actually makes sense on that small screen.

Every app is displayed on the Smartphone in the form of a small icon that you need to touch once in order to launch the functions and features. These apps could be related to GPS navigation, your to-do list, your favorite game or local business listings etc.

  • Most of the Smartphones have an already installed app for the local weather, but you may also go for the Weather Channel’s app. This app provides the most relevant and accurate weather forecast that can help you plan your day accordingly.
  • Google+ Local is another amazing app for your Smartphone. This app shows the search results that are similar to those that you see on your computer screen while searching for different map listings. With this app, you may decide what places to visit with your friends and family.
  • GasBuddy is an excellent app for your Smartphone that can help you find out the local gas stations that offers the best price.
  • Patch is another favorite app that is designed for iPhone. It helps you remain updated with the local business listings, weather, latest community news and different events taking place in your locality. This app provides you a 24/7 coverage of your locality. Patch Places is basically a go-to directory of the local businesses in more than 900 Patch towns. With this app, you can easily select a Patch community or can use your own location in order to connect to the mobile directory of all the places within your locality.
  • MSpy is an excellent cell phone tracking software that makes your life much easier. Whether you are a parent worried about the safety and security of your children or a concerned business owner who wants to ensure the proper working of your employees, this app is just perfect for you. This software is developed in such an amazing way that it helps you in finding out the mobile phone activities of your children or employees. With the help of this app, you can easily catch the liars; thanks to its GPS tracking feature. This feature of the mobile spy software allows you to trace the exact location of the other person.

Once you install these apps, you would find it more fun to use your Smartphone. All these apps are designed to enhance your Smartphone experience therefore they are very easy to install and user-friendly.

About the Author:

Article by Kate Pirs. For further information, please, visit


Deciding Whether You Need to Purchase Instagram Likes for your Account

Instagram is a fantastic, straightforward, visual social networking site that enables you to promote your business, or service through images. There are several different factors that you need to consider when setting up your account, and one is whether to purchase Instagram likes. This can be beneficial to your community, however, some people prefer to take time and build their site slowly.

You need to ensure that you take your time when setting up the account, and learning where everything is on the site. It can take you many hours to understand the concept of the site, and how to achieve the best results. There is no point in rushing to post images, if you have no idea what you are doing, as this can cause mistakes.

The filters and features in Instagram are fantastic, and provide you with many different options before you upload your image. If you are confident with the internet and social networking sites, you may not need to purchase Instagram likes. However, many people feel these are an excellent tool for beginners.

If you buy Instagram likes, you can begin to build your community, and give your account a boost in the beginning. There are several dedicated websites to ensure that you can buy Instagram likes that are relevant to your interests and community. You will be amazed at the numbers of followers that you can achieve in a short amount of time, ensuring that your images are appreciated and liked.

The ability to share the Instagram images over every platform that you use is brilliant and can save you vast amounts of effort and time. Once you have downloaded the application, and joined foursquare, you can begin to have fun with your images. People love taking pictures, and the upgraded quality of mobile devices has ensured that there is a budding photographer in everyone.

Since the launch of this social networking site there are millions of active users, and many people believe that it is possible to gain a huge proportion of these without any effort. There is a chance that you can gain followers and likes, without the need to purchase Instagram likes; however, some people do not want to take the chance.

If you have joined Instagram for fun, and to share your images with a community, you may not need to buy Instagram likes. However, if you are a new business, and want to promote your services and products, this tool can be excellent. You will discover that once you post images to the site, more people will like, share and comment on them, ensuring that they are seen.

Using as many of the tools as possible will ensure that your images receive comments that are useful and helpful to grow your community. Like the other social networking sites, you need to ensure that you remain active and participate in many different communities. People will follow you, once you have commented on their images.

About the Author:

This guest post by Tommy Stretton of A site to go to Buy Instagram Followers and get more likes.

Adwords Advertising is it Right for Your Blog?

Google Adwords are one of the most often used methods of advertising on the web. And as much as we all wish that if you build it they will come were true, most often, you have to do some advertising and marketing to ge the word out about your blog.

An easy way to use Google Adwords advertising is to hire a company that does it for you for a small monthly fee. Getting your blog’s advertisement adwords certified can be challenging but many small businesses have done it on their own successfully.

The main Adword rules are:

  • Provide a positive user experience
  • Ads should be safe for all users
  • Ads should be honest and accurate
  • You must have a privacy policy on your site
  • Ads should be compliant with laws and regulations
  • You must be compatible with Google’s Brand

Each Adword ad is reviewed based on the items listed above before Google approves it’s use.

Adwords are essentially an ad auction and competition can be fierce, for example, if your ad’s keywords are Dallas wholesale diamonds competition is high for the about 400 people a month who search using that term. Luckily, Google Adwords have a keyword tool which would help you find a better keyword with less competition and one that more people are using.

Some small businesses, due to competition on the web, have returned to traditional print advertsing as provided by companies like Presslink Printing. They provide advertising strategy services as well as direct mail and other printed marketing and sales materials. And they give you a web address to use on printed materials so that you get the best of both worlds, print and web.

Not just small business continue to use print advertising and marketing, many large companies continue to spend a substantial portion of their advertising budget on newspaper ads and direct mailings to consumers.

Marketing your WordPress Blog 1-2-3

1. Marketing your WordPress blog is the same as marketing a website or other type of blog. No one will know your blog is on the net unless you tell them. the easiest was to g=do this is with a ping service. world pres shas feature where you can tell it which ping service to notify when ever you post an article. this located under Settings -> Writing. the most common ping servie is

2. Submit your blog’s url ( ) to Google, Yahoo and Bing. To find where to do this search Google submit website, etc.

3. Submit your website to local directories, for example if you had a blog  about  London, submit to  London Directories. to find them do a search in the search engines.  Also, consider doing  paid advertising, for example if you have a blog about the Middle East and your target audience is folks who live in the Middle East  consider doing search engine marketing in the Middle East.  Or you could do paid advertising through google with Adwords or  with Bing via Microsoft Advertising or Yahoo’s Search Marketing program.

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A Basic Guide to Using WordPress

By  Patric Seeley

If you have ever read a blog, chances are you may have already stumbled on to a site made with WordPress. It is one of the most popular blog-hosting services in the world today, powering over 73 million sites world- wide and hosting an estimated half of that number. Perhaps one of the biggest drivers for its popularity is the fact that virtually anyone can create a website for free using Installation and setup takes as little as five minutes and then you should be ready to create your first post.

But before you get started, you should know about and These two sites are from the same WordPress company but have different functions and it is important that you know which one to use before you get started.

Getting Started

WordPress allows you to create free blogs hosted on the site so that you get a blog address like There are over 180+ themes available to satisfy the basic blogger, but customization is limited. You can pay for premium features such as extra storage, ad removal, or use of premium themes.

It is on the other hand, where you can download open source WordPress software to use on your own website so you get an address like Customization is unlimited but you will have to set up the software on a server and manage the web server (or pay for third-party hosting services).

Think of the org site as the source of the software and the com site as the demo site for the capabilities of the software. Still confused? Don’t worry, WordPress is aware of the possible confusion their two sites may cause and have created a support page to address this.

The easiest way to create a blog would be to sign up with WordPress. You can always choose to upgrade or transfer your blog to a personal web host, if you decide to do so later. To sign-up, simply head to and click on the Get started here button.

Creating Your First Blog

Choose a blog address and a username that is unique (WordPress automatically checks if the address is available or not after you stop typing). On the same page, you will be asked to create a secure password, provide an email address, and select your language.

To create a free blog, click on Create Blog. WordPress will send a sign-up confirmation email to the address you provided. Simply open the email and click on the Activate Blog button.

Once activated, you will be asked to Choose a starter theme for your blog. Click on Show More Themes for more options. This is perhaps the most exciting part of the blog-creation process, since you are now actively deciding how your blog will look like. You can always change it later if your posts do not match with your theme, so select the first theme that you like and then proceed to your home page. Take a few minutes to read the Welcome Screen and its helpful pointers to take note of the layout of the home page.

Now you are ready to start posting. To create your first post, click on New Post, the first tab on the WordPress homepage.

Compose your first blog post and make sure to provide a catchy title. Standard formatting options are available; make sure to click on the Kitchen Sink button to activate more formatting options. Once done, click on Publish Post and voila, your first custom post on your first WordPress blog has been created!

Now you have mastered the basics, make sure to keep adding new posts to your blog to make it grow. Keep blogging!

About the Author:

Patric Seeley is a Global Brand Manager at Mattressnextday stocks a LARGE assortment of beds and mattresses, probably the largest collection on-line today! In fact, Mattressnextday also offer over 80 different varieties of mattresses and over 50 styles of beds, bed-frames, and divans

Do you need a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

What is a Virtual Private Server?

It is space on a server dedicated to a specific website, group of websites, or function(s). Virtual Private Network, Virtual Root Server (VRS) and Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) and Cloud Servers are other names for the same thing. For example, it is your partitioned portion of a server for your website(s) that you pay a web hosting fee for to a webhost or ISP.

Do all VPN’s – VPS’s come with stacks – pre-insalled software?

No, not all VPN’s offer pre-installed software (Stacks) like cPanel, PLESK,LAMP, Minecraft, Microsoft Sql Server, Microsoft Web Server, PHPList, Ruby on Rails, WordPress and more.

Having pre-installed software it a real plus for most webmasters. It makes installation a snap and helps even the most novice webmaster look professional.

What are the important things to look for in a VPS package?

Price, disk space, memory and pre-installed software and Raid Back- up. You can find about 40GB disk space and 4GB memory and a Raid backup system ,which mean sa mirror image of what you have on the server is available for back up if needed, for less than $50 a month.

Customer serve is important too. Try calling the ISP before you purchase to see if you can get a real person on the phone. This is very important if you have any problems or need special assistance. Trouble tickets and email are often just not enough.

Creating Stock Photography

Love taking pictures, but stumped on how to create stock photography? Turning your personal photo collection into stock photography is easier than you may think and can be very gratifying if you are able to create something people want to download.  Follow these steps and tips and you will be creating stock photography in no time.

1)    Use a quality camera

When it comes to creating and selling stock images , you want to make sure that you are providing the highest quality image possible.  If your image is taken with a lower end camera, potential buyers will know and choose a competitor with a clearer, crisper picture.  Invest in at least a decent camera and it will pay off over time as you get better at creating and selling stock photography online.

2)    Focus

The focus on your camera can have a huge effect on the final product and can make the difference between getting a lot of downloads and getting none.  You can use focus to draw attention to a specific part of the photograph, but it is also a matter of image quality as out of focus pictures will look blurry and of less quality.

3)    Lighting

Lighting is something that can be easily overlooked and is understood better with experience and time.  Having good lighting for your pictures is more than making sure the sun is on the right side.  Just like investing in a good camera, it would be beneficial to invest in proper lighting equipment to produce the best photos possible.

4)    Shoot multiple angles and perspectives

Taking multiple shots from different angles and perspectives has a couple of advantages.  The more angles you have, the more potential pictures you can have in your stock repertoire and you can also test which perspective looks best for whichever particular shot you are taking.  Even if you end of scrapping some, looking at the object you are taking a picture of in different ways will help spark creativity.

5)    Experiment, track, and learn

Most stock photography sites have pretty good analytics allowing you to track which of your stock pictures are performing the best and for what keywords.  Feel free to experiment with your photography and submit a broad range of quality photos at first.  Over time you can see which ones are more popular and create more pictures like that and stop investing time in the types of photos that don’t sell.

6)    Know your keywords before you shoot

There is never anything wrong with taking random pictures as you encounter unique scenery throughout your day.  However, researching keywords and planning around which categories you want to sell in will give you good direction to begin and will focus your efforts on what is going to make your pictures successful online.

Getting started is often the hardest part.  Once you become more familiar with the process and know what you are doing, creating stock photography will be fun and efficient.  If you create pictures that are popular enough, you can even begin to earn royalties off of your work.  Make sure you get whatever feedback you can so you can grow from real peoples’ opinions.


How to edit photos on android phones?

By Abhishek Raj

Photo editing has always been a popular topic especially among the teens. With the rapid smartphone revolution in the past decade, photo editing has reached a whole new level. Gone are the days when one had to sit on a computer or a laptop for editing a bunch of photos. Today, the world craves for only one form of editing – Pocket or Mobile Editing!

In this post, I am going to show how easy and convenient it is to edit photos on your android powered devices. Forget Photoshop, Picasa or PhotoScape… Photo editing has never been this easier and funnier to do especially when you have an android phone or tablet.

Top 3 Photo editing apps for android:

  1. 1.    PicSay Pro

This is the lightest and yet the most feature rich android app for photo editing. There are so many effects, stickers and editing options that you will definitely love to use this application. I bet, once you install and use this app you will never ever think of uninstalling this awesome app.

2.    PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt photo studio is the most powerful and the most feature rich photo editor on android. Just think of any photo customization and it is possible with PicsArt photo studio. You can choose from a variety of frames, callouts, borders, stickers and effects. The possibilities are simply endless with this unique photo editing app. The only downside is that you always need an active mobile internet to use all possible features.


  1. 3.    Little photo

As the name of the app says – this is a little sized photo editor having crazy number of effects but only a little customization options. This photo editor is for those who love to add a variety of effects to their photos. Some of the popular effects include – black apple, night flash, pencil sketch, lomo and tilt-shift.

So, if you have recently bought a new android phone and are looking for some serious photo editing, then do try out these three photo editing apps. You will definitely love them!!

About the author:

Abhishek Raj is an avid photographer and photo editor. He runs his own website Digital Camera Photography where he shares unique photography tips, photography basics and photo editing articles.