More of Me to Love?

by Mary Ann Senatore (your weight loss friend)

Hello all,

Last month I admitted to gaining some weight back and this month I am once again on the road to success. I have lost (relost) 5 pounds. I have 6 more to lose and the total gain will be gone. Thank you all for your support. The relose is always slower the second time around, isn’t it?

This month, I would like to ask all readers these questions. Can we ever look at larger women as just women? Why do we need to label a woman by size? Does the possibility exist that we love someone more by the pound? Is overweight a sign of poor decision making abilities?

While watching TV the other night, I could not believe the preview for a new TV show. The premise is plus size women competing for the affections of one man.

I started to think about what more of me to love meant and I pondered the idea that if a woman weighs 100lbs, the love she is given is 100 proof, however if a woman weighs 200lbs then the love she is given is 200 proof. If this is the case then why do we strive to lose weight when the stronger proof is clearly the more potent and the more desired, isn’t it?

Thinking a bit more I also wondered why women who are more than what the “average” weight should be are described as plus, or large, or their sizes are described as extended. Why do we feel the need to label someone who is “above average” in such a derogatory way? Isn’t above average looked upon as a good thing?

We look at a woman’s eye color, hair color, height, shoe size, ring size and smiles and recognize the differences but when it comes to size we use labels such as petit, average and plus. Based on the more of me to love premise, the plus size women are loved more. I wonder how the petit and average size women are feeling right now. Has anyone ever said to a size 4 woman that she would be given more love if she was a size 24? I don’t think so!

If we are equating weight to the amount of affection we can be given then what is next? All women with size 9 or above feet will be charged an extra fee for a pedicure? All women with a ring size of 8 or more will have to pay for 2 rings when they only want to buy 1?

Clearly a woman’s weight and the affection she is given do not have a connection but we continue to label and define a woman by her size. Plus size women find it difficult to be taken serious, as if the ability to control one’s weight reflects the ability to make intelligent decisions. I realize the choice between ice cream and celery is a difficult one, but if ice cream is chosen does this mean a woman will make a poor business decision? Does this mean that only women who eat celery can make good business decisions? Once again, I think we realize a good business mind does not stem from ice cream or celery choices. So why is weight an obstacle to recognizing the valuable contribution a woman can make?

Overweight women face these feelings and many more every day. The desire to lose weight is as individual as finger prints or eye color. The desire may be there, but perception, image, and feelings are also part of weight loss success.

I would like to leave you with this thought: The next time you see an overweight person; can you just see a person? Can you look past the weight? Can you just notice that there is a person in line or on the elevator and not see size?

As always, your friend in the weight loss journey,

Mary Ann