D.I.V.A. (Donuts-Ice cream-Vegetables-Apples)

By Mary Ann Senatore (your weight loss friend)


Hello all,

No, I have not invented a new weight loss program. Instead I am asking a question. What does it take to be a Diva? The basic sense of this term is a goddess. Wouldn’t we all like to be thought of as a goddess?

Our children and pets that we nurture and take care of think of us as goddesses, I’m sure. Growing up and being Daddy’s little girl made us feel like a goddess, but what happened along the way if we gain weight throughout our lives?

Are we less of a diva because we gain weight? No! Diva isn’t a size, it’s a feeling. When we feel good, do we need comfort food? Does squash make us feel better when the man in our life is not being the man we want them to be? Does a salad take away the feelings of hurt or anger when we have an argument? No of course not, but what is it about ice cream that can fix the man in our life, or take away the sting of a hurtful comment? Of course nothing, but we still reach for comfort food when we’re uncomfortable.

Let’s ask the real question. What taste better, a donut or broccoli? Can we go through the drive through and get a #2 that includes a bagel, fruit, fat free yogurt and coffee? Probably not! So when did the feeling of goddess stop and weight gain begin? Or did the reflection of diva in the mirror stop when weight gain began? I think it is probably easier to answer the chicken or the egg question.

Recently on my trip to Las Vegas, I did two things, gained 6 pounds and saw Cher in concert. She looks fabulous, and I think we all might agree that Cher is a Diva because of her beauty and talent. When Cher announced that she was turning 60, the general consensus was that of course she looks fabulous she has the money. Ahhhhhhhh, I thought to myself as I planned my return back to my hotel room past the divine pastry shop for one final decadent dessert before my flight home and back to weight loss reality.

Does feeling and looking better cost money? NO! It doesn’t cost money. It does cost some time and dedication to oneself. One free way to begin weight loss is through the internet. The food pyramid is a great place to start. With this website, http://www.mypyramidtracker.gov/ you can create a profile, enter foods, analyze your activity, and there are links for all types of nutritional needs, and it is all free!

Do we need to pay money to go to a gym? Of course not, walking is free. I do suggest investing in a pedometer simply to keep track of your progress. Start out small and slow. If you can only walk for 5 minutes a day then walk for 5 minutes, and the second week, walk for 7 minutes and by the third week perhaps 10 minutes. If you were in an inactive state before you made up your mind to lose weight, then pushing yourself to work out like a gymnast is not reality.

I am a firm believer in setting small goals. Five pounds at a time is my motto. When I stepped on the scale and realized I needed to lose 85 pounds, I wanted to cry. I couldn’t think about it as 85 pounds. Instead I thought of it as 5 pounds at a time and now, I have 15 pounds left to lose. I admit there were setbacks and some gains, but I am determined to get to goal weight and sharing that determination with all of you has helped me stay focused.

Get back your goddess feeling, do something diva-like for yourself. Allow yourself time for yourself. Does being a diva mean that you can never have ice cream? Of course not! Diva comes from within, and feeling good both physically and mentally brings us closer to diva. What happens when we feel good? We have more energy, a walk that says HERE I AM, a smile that Mona Lisa would envy, and everyone around us feels good also.

My mother always said, You get what you give. Give yourself the diva-ability so that everyone around you will treat you like the goddess you really are. Take charge, take control, start out small, set realistic goals and next month, there will be a new breed of DIVA on the loose!

Your friend and weight loss partner,

Mary Ann