Holiday-Pig Out or Victory-You Are In Control!

Hello all, Happy 4th to everyone!

Before we talk about the holiday and how we are absolutely in control of our success for the day, I just wanted to let everyone know that I recently went on a two day cruise. I was very successful in keeping my food under control and at my usual weekend weigh in, I gained .2 of a pound.

Two tenths of a pound and I even treated myself to a dessert! However, I would not be doing justice to my readers if I didn’t tell you about the cruise. It leaves out of the Port of Palm Beach and it calls itself a celebration. It was anything but a celebration. Friends, if you want to blow your weight loss success for two days, you can find a much better way to do so. The customer service was lacking, the food with the exception of the dining on the second night was not what you would expect from a cruise line and the entire two days were nothing but disorganization and disappointment.

Save your money and buy yourself a cute little dress, or new golf clubs, but don’t waste your time on this ship, its not worth it!

As for the 4th, we all love Bar-B-Que! Here are some tips that will help you stay focused and successful.

Fruit is a wonderful partner to any dish. Fruit salads are not only colorful but very easy to make and if you are invited to someone’s home, I am sure the hostess will be delighted if you offered to make a festive fruit salad.

Salads have come a long way, and this time of year there are certainly many fresh vegetables to choose from to make our salads colorful and filling.

Bread is not the enemy. There are many delicious low calorie, high fiber, good tasting breads to choose from and since most buns have a top and bottom, why not split the bun, and have that 2nd hot dog, or hamburger. One bun, twice the protein! After all, an open face sandwich is a great way to show off your creativity when it come to your weight loss journey.

Keeping cool with plenty of water is easy, especailly with the help of light lemonades or Crystal Light. If you haven’t tried Crystal Light, now is your time to enjoy a new flavor. There are many light and low calorie ice teas that will compliment your out door fun.

We can create many new dressing recipies with low fat or fat free mayo, yogurt or sour cream. If you haven’t tried greek yougurt in your recipies, this may be the time to try because greek yogurt is full of protein.

Who doesn’t love the way meats taste on the grill! Well the newer and leaner cuts of meat are just the answer. We can marinade, rub, and season with many low calorie and tasty dressings and rubs. Turkey or chicken sausage has come a long way as far as flavor. Cooking on the grill ads flavor and your guests will love the lighter tastes.

Desserts can be festive and low calorie with low fat or fat free Cool Whip. We can make individual strawberry shortcakes with premade cake shells. The strawberries can be cleaned and cut ahead of time and kept in the fridge with just a little water and a packet or two of your favorite sugar substitute and you can create a festive and delicious dessert. Spoon the strawberries onto the cake/dessert shells, top with fat free Cool Whip and your guests will love their own individual dessert!

And of course, don’t forget the Jello desserts. Mix in some fruit, or fat free cool whip to your favorite sugar free jello flavor and the desserts are colorful, flavorful and just the right end to a day of food and fun.

Happy Holiday to all and as always, remember you are never alone in your weight loss journey.