Happy Valentine’s Day-Candy is not the enemy!

Hello all,

Happy Valentine’s Day! How do we get through the day, when there is candy everywhere? We take control, that’s how. Weight loss isn’t easy and we all need support. We just came out of the holidays and then Valentine’s Day. The weather has been difficult for many of us, and with 20 inches of snow, we tend to be less motivated to exercise.

The key to weight loss is not only our own will power, but the support of our family, friends, co-workers and enemies if we need. I have a candy bowl on my desk at work.  I fill it with candy that I do not like. I would sell my soul for dark chocolate, so I buy candy with peanut butter or mint. Neither of those tastes appeal to me, no matter how dark the chocolate is.

The advantage to this is when my co-workers stop by to raid the bowl, there are always comments about how I lost so much weight, but the bowl was always full. Ok so the secret of the candy I do not like was mine, but when they see how strong my will power is, the comments are always positive. Positive comments are always worth their “weight” in motivation.

If you know your loved one is going buy you candy, perhaps a suggestion of an ediable fruit arrangement instead. We have all seen the advertisements for pajama grams, so why not send him the website http://www.pajamagram.com/.  He can even purchase an online gift certificate so he will get the size right!

Victoria Secret is another wonderful website for sending e-gift certificates, and guess what, no chocolate on any of these sites. Jewelry of course is always a very do-able gift for any occasion, but on such a romantic day like Valentine’s Day, sparkle can always satisfy a craving, especially chocolate diamonds.

Ladies, don’t forget your man! Does he play golf? Would he like to learn to play golf?  How about a virtual golf game? This website is interesting and fun and not a calorie in sight http://www.wgt.com, and its free. Its a virtual golf game.

Finally, lets not forget passion. If you want to know the calories of any activity, go to http://calorielab.com/burned/. You will see all sorts of activities, including passionate ones and you will be able to determine the calories burned. I would rather burn a calorie and enjoy a kiss then eat a Hershey’s Kiss.

We can do it! We will do it! Let’s make Valentine’s Day about the love and not the love of chocolate! Remember, no matter where you are in your weight loss journey, you are not alone.

See you all next month and I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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