Explore Traditional Costal England With Holiday Cottages In Whitby

Europe is steeped in a wealth of history and England is considered by many to have some of the best examples of preserved historic sites in the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean Roman or medieval settlements, but there is a clear evolution of history in England, ranging from the Tudors to the Victorians, the Second World War up to the present day. So does this have a bearing on tradition? When exploring coastal England taking a traditional approach can be very rewarding. Tradition can mean many things to different people however. If you’ve been visiting Whitby and enjoying the night life for several years, that could be a tradition for you. To most though tradition is the family holiday, the romantic weekend, walks along the beach holding hands and enjoying Whitby in the same manner as previous generations.

A tradition for many is staying in one of the many holiday cottages in Whitby and it’s not difficult to understand why. Here’s a look at the benefits of choosing holiday cottages in Whitby and how they will facilitate your stay when exploring traditional coastal England.

Good Food

When we think of good food many of us think of French or Italian restaurants, fine cuisine and dining out. But when staying in holiday cottages in Whitby you are afforded a fully working kitchen, dining space and access to local delicatessens specialising in local produce. Being a coastal town Whitby continues to thrive on its traditional fishing industry and the quality of fresh fish is still exceptional.
Taking the time to explore the fish market, the local bakeries and wine stores will give you all the ingredients to prepare a delicious evening meal. Also cooking at you holiday cottage and spending time with your loved ones is certainly traditional.

Spectacular Views

It’s difficult to miss the spectacular views Whitby has to offer. On arriving at Whitby’s town you are met with picturesque scenes of the harbour, boat masts standing out against the contrast of sea and sky.
The traditionalists amongst us will no doubt enjoy the sandy golden beach come wind rain or shine, using a windbreaker or umbrella, refusing to let mother nature ruin the day. Holiday cottages in Whitby are commonly regarded as the best way to see these views as they can be hired in so many locations, both remote and central to the town, giving you the freedom to explore .

No matter what your interpretation of exploring traditional coastal England is staying in holiday cottages in Whitby is an essential.