Family Travel Guide: Visiting Cape Cod

Cape Cod is one of the most unique land features in the United States, and its uniqueness doesn’t stop with its unusual shape. The culture and people of ‘The Cape’ are just a little bit more charming and personable than most as well. If you’re interested in the maritime charms of New England, Cape Cod is the place to go.

Arrival in Cape Cod
If you’re flying in, you’ll probably arrive at either Logan Airport in Boston or at T.F. Green Airport in Providence. You can, from either of those, also catch a puddlejumper flight to Barnstable Municipal Airport on the Cape itself — or you can drive, bus, or catch a train out to the Barnstable County (aka The Cape). If you’re coming in from overseas, you don’t need to stress too much about getting your money changed at the airport — there are currency exchange and currency converter places scattered around the Cape.

Crashing on the Cape
If you can afford it, there’s nothing more ‘Cape’ than settling down at a different one of the Cape’s several dozen bed-and-breakfasts every night. But for most people, the optimal play is to reserve their stay at one of the hotels in Hyannis. Hyannis is kind of the ‘center point’ of the Cape, with ferries out to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and easy main-street access to basically every kind of tourist activity the Cape has to offer.

Speaking of Tourist Activities…
You don’t really understand the depth and breadth of the Cape’s offerings until you get here and look around. No list does it total justice, but here are some of the amazing things that the Cape can entertain you with:

• Golf — and lots of it. The Cape has more than 25 public and more than 15 private golf courses ranging from beginner-level to PGA-worthy. Best of all, the area’s unique climate allows you to golf about 51 weeks out of every year.
• Hiking and Walking — the Cape might not look that big on a map, but it has got scores of scenic and stunning hiking and walking trails. The Barnstable Land Trust offers frequent guided tours of some of the best; contact them for information.
• Spa Days — there are nearly 20 unique spas dotting the Cape, from the traditional relax-and-massage to the high-tech Botox-and-laser-treatments variety. The Namaste Spa offers unique ‘contrast therapy’, exposing you to the healing powers of heat, cold, light, darkness, touch, aroma, and more.
• Retail Therapy — the heart and soul of the Cape, there are more than two thousand four hundred boutiques, shops, and stores dotting Barnstable County. If you love to pick through the best in fashion, home decor, and knickknacks, you’ve come to the right place.
• Nature — Cape Cod is rightfully famous for it’s natural beauty. Whether you’re hiking along the marshy beaches of the inner coast or whale watching on a charter boat from one of the islands, the only way you could come to the Cape and not be amazed is to get so distracted by the shops that you forget to look around outside.

The Cape is the essence of New England’s quirky side matched up with some of the most stunning seaside vistas you’ve ever laid eyes on. Plan your trip out to the Cape today, you wont regret it.