Setting Sail For the Beach? How to Dress Your Best.

cruise wear fashionWhile a man dressing for the beach is typically a simple affair, it is still important to know how to dress so you feel comfortable and look confident. You definitely do not want to be the guy everyone is taking sneak photos of to bring home as their funny vacation pictures. You also do not want to be uncomfortable.

Wicking fabrics

You do not want your clothing to promote sweating and collect it like a sponge. What you do want are fibers that are going to wick away moisture and let it evaporate. That means no cotton. Wool wicks moisture, but is horrid in the sun, so skip that as well. Look in the athletics section for tops that are specifically made to wick away moisture. Holiday shirts are also great for keeping you cool. Pull off button up holiday shirts with style by wearing them slightly loose and with a neutral pant.

Roomy fit

The last thing you want is to have a bathing suit that is falling off your body. You also do not want to appear shapeless, if you decide to wear a top to the beach. However, you should not wear skintight clothes, either. They keep your skin from breathing and can stick when they are wet. Go for something that is just loose enough that you can move comfortably and that does not cup you too much in an area you would rather keep private.

Bathing suit

When picking a bathing suit, go for a short that is about two inches above the knee. The higher above that it goes, the creepier you will look, unless you have quads like Daniel Craig. Keep it casual. Pick a solid neutral tone so you look classy and clean.

Shoes and hats

When you are headed on a beach vacation, there are three shoes you will need, though you can dispose of one in a pinch. You need canvas or boat shoes for casual day outings, walking shoes for hiking and sandals for the beach. Sandals should be sturdy. If you like flip-flops, bring extras.

The key words to remember when packing for your beach destination are cool and casual. You want to look and feel comfortable at all times. That does not mean you should wear linen pants to a formal dinner, but that you should be wary of the temperature so you do not sweat over cocktails.

10 Fun Road Trip Apps for Kids

kids backseat car gamesBy Madyson Grant

Taking your kids on road trips to introduce them to different parts of the country can be a blast, but sitting in a car with them for hours can be a pain. How do you keep them occupied on longer car trips? With an ipad sim card from, you can keep them easily entertained. Here are 10 of the best, for a variety of ages.

1. 123 Color: Talking Coloring Book ($0.99, iPhone, iPad). Less mess than an actual coloring book and set of crayons, this coloring app will keep your kids entertained for hours filling in pictures.

2. Road-Trip-Bingo HD ($1.99, iPad). A two-player bingo game that your kids can play with each other on the road. Make sure and get the iPad HD version, as the original is only one player.

3. The Oregon Trail (price varies, iPhone, iPad, Android). Kids have been playing this one for years and it’s not slowing down. Watching their wagons cross the United States will make any road trip seem easy! This one is also available for Android.

4. PBS Kids Video (free, iPhone, iPad). With this app, you can download video clips from your kids’ favorite shows on PBS so they’ll have something to watch on the long trip.

5. Weet Woo! ($3.99, iPhone, iPad). Another great video app, Weet Woo! finds child-appropriate videos on the Internet and lets your child watch them easily.

6. Mancala (price varies, iPhone, iPad, Android). This app brings a classic board game to life. Play at various difficulty levels, as well as against live or online opponents.

7. Toca Boca Hair Salon 2 ($0.99, iPhone, iPad). Any fashion-minded child can spend hours on this app designing and redesigning hairstyles for various in-game characters.

8. Tales2Go (free for 30 days, then $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly, iPhone, iPad). An incredible reservoir of nearly 2,000 audio stories for your children to listen to on the road, all divided up into age-appropriate categories.

9. Family Car Games ($1.99, iPhone, iPad). Missing family time with your kids while they’re on their phones? Make sure and bring along this app, which suggests great car games for the whole family to play and explains the instructions.

10. Cool Mad Libs ($3.99, iPhone, iPad). The whole family can play along with the mobile version of this popular party game. Who can name a popular boy’s name first?

With these apps in hand, your kids will stop complaining, “Are we there yet?” and you can enjoy hours of peace and quiet as you drive.