Factors To Look For In Quality MMA Shorts

The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing in the world.  MMA is already challenging older and more established sports and it is predicted that it will be more popular than boxing within a decade.  Not only are people keen to watch the sport; there is also a growing trend to take it up as a hobby in order to stay fit and release any pent-up frustrations.  If you are considering getting involved in the sport then it is essential that you have the right clothing and equipment to compete safely and effectively.  Here we address the issue MMA shorts and discuss which factors to look for before making your purchase.

Suitable fabrics

Much of MMA involves grappling and wrestling moves on the mat.  As a result your shorts will be pulled by your opponent as well as coming under stresses from friction whilst in contact with the floor.  Therefore it is important to look for MMA shorts that are make from a stretchy and durable material.  If you don’t get the right pair then there is a real chance that you could be faced with an embarrassing situation in your first grappling session.

Strong stitching

Whilst having stretchable material will take away some of the risk of suffering tears; the stitching of MMA shorts is equally as important.  It is a good idea to look for options that have double stitching to add extra strength on the seams to prevent the shorts from pulling apart.

Safety considerations

In order to prevent an uncomfortable injury due to a stray low blow, it is essential that participants of MMA wear a box.  So be sure to purchase MMA shorts that have a webbing inner-lining to hold the box firmly in place.

Considering manoeuvrability

The sport of MMA involves a lot of moving about and it is important for competitors to be able to get their bodies into all manner of position.  In order to maximise your movement range look for MMA short with split side seams on the outer leg.

A suitable size

Having taken up MMA as a hobby, many participants find that their body will begin to change quite rapidly.  Those that are on the heavy side can find that they soon start shedding the pounds.  Likewise those that are of a more slight build will soon begin to add muscle.  So no matter what size you are, it is a must to look for MMA shorts that have an adjustable waistband.