10 Factors That Contribute To The Ideal Wedding Invitations

When planning your wedding, one the first things you will do after booking the venues is choose your wedding invitations.  This is not only one of the most exciting tasks when organising your wedding, but also one of the most important.  Read on for guidance on the ten factors that will help you ensure the perfect wedding invitations.

Design – The most important factor of wedding invitations is the design.  You should take into account whether your wedding day will be contemporary or traditional and consider suitable designs.
You may wish to give reference to the season in which you are getting married by choosing, flowers, leaves or snowflakes as is appropriate.

Colour scheme – Your next step is to choose the colour of the wedding invitations.  Look to match the colours with the same shades that will be present in your wedding day.  It could be that you match with the bridal bouquet, dress or table centrepieces.

Tone – The overall tone that you are looking for in your wedding day should be evident in your invites to give your guests some guidance.  If you are having a modern wedding day then try to avoid using formal language.

Type Face – Choosing the right type face or font also plays a large part in setting the tone of your weddings and invites.  For a contemporary wedding look to use bold fonts; with classical weddings better suited to flowing scroll.

Size – There aren’t any real rules on how big wedding invitations should be.  Just be sure to pick a size that will allow you to get all the relevant information on there.  It is wise to go no smaller than 9cm x 18cm and anything over 15cm x 22cm will look out of place.

Details – You would be surprised to learn how many couples order their wedding invitations, only to find that there is an error on them when they arrive.  Before you place your order to be sure to review all of the information on them and make sure that every detail is correct.  The key information is venues, date, time and contact details.

RSVP – Through the inclusion of RSVP cards you provide an easy way for friends and family to inform you as to whether they will be able to make the wedding.  Just be certain to include a return address so they know where to send the reply to.

Ribbons – The decision of whether to involve ribbon as part of your design is really down to personal choice.
If you do decide to include ribbon make sure that you don’t go too large as it can end up overwhelming the rest of the wedding invitation.

Ink – It is always nice to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations by writing out the guest’s names by hand.  Make sure that you get hold of a nice pen to do it.  Fountain pens are a good choice, as are pens that have gold or silver ink.

The timings – As soon as you have finished all of your wedding invitations get them sent out as soon as you can.  Every day that you hold on to them is another day that someone could be making other plans for your wedding day, such as booking a holiday.  You should look to give at least 3 months notice and if it is a summer wedding when people are likely to book their holidays then closer to 6 months would be better.