Rewarding the Babysitter One Gift at a Time

A babysitter is a trusted friend of the family. Even though she likely receives pay for her time spent with the children, she is nevertheless much more than a hired hand. Do you know how to make her feel special? Gifts! Read on for must-know tips.

Why Give Gifts to the Babysitter?

Considering that babysitters take the places of moms and dads while they are away from the kids, it is not surprising that plenty of children and their folks feel close to their chosen sitters. When it comes to rewarding babysitters, consider going above and beyond merely the agreed upon pay. Gifts underscore the importance of the sitter to the family in general, but they also offer opportunities for small gestures of consideration, caring and interest in particular.

Tips for Inexpensive but Thoughtful Gifts for the Babysitter

  • Teenage babysitters appreciate the occasional gift card to a fast food restaurant of their choice — or the much healthier local juice shop. An iTunes download gift card is another good choice for the young music fan.
  • Younger teens, who might be making their first forays into the world of makeup and nail polish, like the sample-sized nail polish kits from heavy hitters in the makeup world, such as OPI.
  • The college student who makes extra money with babysitting might need a few odds and ends for the dorm room or the apartment shared with roommates. Find out what’s missing and buy either gift certificates to the stores carrying these items – the New Linens ‘N Things is a great choice – or go out and buy them yourself. Include a gift receipt … just in case.
  • Babysitters of any age are likely to sport a sweet tooth. Find out what makes your sitter’s taste buds rejoice and buy occasional treats for her. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with See’s Candy.

Remember that it is not the money you spend but the thought that counts and speaks volumes. Reward your babysitter, underscore her importance to your family and foster a relationship that should be beneficial not only to your children but also to the sitter.