Terms Baby Boomers Should Know when Looking at Senior Living Options

Baby boomers, or individuals born between 1946 and 1964, are beginning to enter retirement age and looking to their various senior living options. It can be tedious and time consuming in the beginning, but researching and preparing for your senior living ahead of time, can save you a lot of hassle and frustration down the line. It may seem daunting, but the task of planning for your senior living and the variety of options is important. Becoming familiar with the various terms and situations regarding your senior living options can greatly impact your choice.

The terms for different types of senior living options are varied as far as where you will live. Senior living communities consist of housing communities where only seniors (usually 55+) are permitted to live, with additional resources available to them such as recreational activities, fitness and community centers, cafeterias for the residents to eat together, health care and doctors on-staff, transportation to various shopping and excursions, and other amenities.

Assisted living communities tend to be more limited and aside from traditional senior living communities, are more tailored to seniors who need short-term health care services. Assisted living provides its community residents with social, security and health care services but do not provide long-term care such as major medical care. Assisted living communities will vary in what they offer, but with the baby boomer generation entering more of these communities, they are learning to adapt to the seniors more active lifestyle.

Independent living provides baby boomers with a senior community that is similar to assisted living in that they provide short-term health care and social services, but they provide their residents with more freedom and independence. It is a great choice for seniors that need to nearby health services and other services provided by the community, but are well enough to enjoy an independent, active lifestyle.

The activities, amenities and accommodations provided by the various senior living options will vary greatly depending on the type of community, location and how adapted they are to different types of lifestyles. Many of them offer activities outside of the traditional sedentary activities such as sports and fitness classes tailored to senior fitness, wellness and holistic health care, internet access and a community center with a variety of other educational classes for the residents to choose from. This allows you to choose a senior living community that can provide you everything you need in order to live a happy, healthy and well-adjusted life.

The cost of the different senior living communities also varies greatly depending on what is offered. It will depend on the location of the community, the size, and the services offered. In general, the more services offered and independence provided, the more expensive the senior living community will be. These communities require monthly payments as with any other rental property, and most health insurances do not cover assisted living or independent living situations, meaning you will need to find a way to pay for this yourself. Having a financial plan for the future will help greatly when you begin to look at your senior living options.

Article contributed by Daniel Faxtor of LivingSenior