Extraordinary Cats

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary
By Deborah Barnes
ZZP Publishing
Soft Cover, 2011, $21.95
ISBN: 978-0-9834408-0-2

Available at: http://www.zeezoey.com

Also Available on Amazon

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

A door is a door is a door, unless you’re a cat, then it’s so much more. For our cats, the very essence of “ordinary to extraordinary” is no more clearly defined than in that statement. ~ Deborah Barnes

If you treat yourself to one special book this year, make it The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, a remarkable first work by Deborah Barnes. In it, Barnes describes the essence of her cats in fascinating detail and shares her own personal journey alongside them to the“unlimited possibility of the extraordinary.”

Zee and Zoey are the charismatic stars of The Chronicles, but Barnes also introduces readers to the evolving cast of characters of an entire feline community. Her writing inspires a profound and dynamic connection with each and every one of them.

Playful, quirky, loving, yet cunning, determined and pushy, cats are treasured family members who share emotions just as their human counterparts. I was quickly immersed in the richness of their lively stories, and the laughter and tears that are part of sharing our lives with these sensitive creatures. Barnes exquisitely captures how they give us so much in exchange for so little.

The stories are graced by stunning photographs and custom artwork, and are backlit by the life lessons that cats share by just being cats. We are gently encouraged to wake up and enjoy each day, not as we might wish it to be, but as it is – full of mystery, beauty, and the opportunity to welcome whatever we have before us.

Each page will gift the reader with something to remember. This book may be the most inspired and rewarding read of the year for anyone who has ever known or loved an animal.

Deborah Barnes currently resides in South Florida and after an unexpected life-changing event, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming an author, using the relationship of her cats as inspiration for her first book. She is also the author of the popular blog, Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection. Visit Deborah at: http://www.zeezoey.com



Tell Tale Signs of Ticks on Cats

Ticks on cats are a real concern for your pet’s health as they are well known spreaders of disease. Knowing whether your cat has picked up a tick needs to be clarified as soon as possible and there are several tell-tale signs that will tip you off. Before understanding the signs though it’s important to understand exactly what a tick is, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with.

Ticks are small parasites that are part of the arachnid family. They feed on the blood of mammals, and other animals and are a large spreader of a number of potentially fatal diseases.

Although the actual feeding of a tick causes mainly only discomfort they inject salvia containing poison into the animal after feeding and this is when the disease could be caught.  Here are three main ways to spot if your cat might be carrying a tick:
Biting and Scratching Themselves

When a cat contracts a tick they try to remove the tick themselves. Ticks on cats bury themselves beneath the fur and bite into the skin. A cat can find it hard to locate the tick especially if it’s in an awkward area, such as between the shoulder blades.

Cats will try and bite and scratch the area, but this normally just makes the area more sore and causes further discomfort to the cat. If you see your cat biting and scratching, there’s a good chance it will have a tick.

Acting out of sorts

Another tell-tale sign for spotting ticks on cats is if your pet starts acting differently. If your cat normally enjoys being stroked, it may start to act in an unfriendly manner and become irritated by stroking. This is due to the area being sore and stroking agitates the tick. If your cat swipes or hisses at you whilst stroking make sure to investigate the area by parting the fur to see if there is a tick present.

Loss of appetite

As a tick feeds it also injects its poison and this can result in your cat feeling sick and losing their appetite. If you notice any changes in the way your cat feeds it’s important to check it thoroughly for a tick, just to make sure.

We all love our pet cats and their health is of vital importance. Ticks can be a common and easily cured problem but left alone they can lead to very serious health issues for your cat. The key is to take on board the above and to also read up on ways to prevent ticks and symptoms of prolonged tick contact, should you miss a tick in the first instance.