I’m An Animal Communicator

By Nancy A. Kaiser

 Letting another’s judgment prevent me from admitting that I could talk to animals was an issue that took me years to resolve. When asked what I did, I’d hesitate trying to get an intuitive feeling as to how to answer. Often I just said, “I have a horse farm,” which was the safe, acceptable answer. My quest to learn to telepathically communicate with animals began in the early 90s and changed my life forever.

I’m proud of what I do and that I’ve helped many animals and people, but it took me a long time to admit it to others especially my parents. I didn’t want to see disappointment and questions in their eyes. When I was featured in a book about animal communicators, I handed it to my folks and quickly left the room. My dad was skeptical but tried to be understanding. My mother simply couldn’t, which was no big surprise. Several friends had trouble accepting my new talent, which changed our relationship for years. Recently, I was able to help one with the transition of her family cat.

My parents were dog lovers, so we always had a dog or two – first Collies and then Labradors. I was born with an innate love for horses and began riding at age 8. By 13, my dream of having my own horse came true. I’m still blessed to have a fabulous horse in my life forty five years later. I’ve always had a deep love for animals – all animals.

I’m the third generation of pharmacists in my family. I practiced in my family’s drug store until leaving to marry a horse vet. For the next 27 years, I managed our veterinary office, equine hospital and breeding farm. I belonged with the horses and not in a pharmacy, so the Universe worked its wonders. Had I not followed my heart, I may never have discovered my life’s purpose.

One of my husband’s patients taught me that communicating with animals wasn’t restricted to someone possessing a “special gift.” Because of Love was a Quarter Horse filly born with scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, which prevented her from getting up on her own. Many talented, generous people were drawn to her.

My husband and I visited a workshop run by a veterinary chiropractor and an animal communicator that were part of Love’s entourage. Until the workshop, I was merely involved with offering love and moral support. Little did I know the epiphany awaiting that would change the course of my life – all “because of love.”

I realized the workshop participants weren’t any different than me. They weren’t special or gifted. I thought to myself, “This can be learned!” It was like being knocked in the consciousness by a cosmic 2 x 4. I had to learn how to talk to animals. To be able to know exactly what animals were thinking and feeling inspired me to do whatever it required to remove the wall that always separated me from the animals. Then, I could really help Love.

Trying to find time in my already hectic day was challenging, but my intense need to talk to and for animals gave me the motivation to pursue my goal. Probably the greatest ordeal for me was learning to quiet my mind, which is crucial to any kind of telepathy. Being a left-brained, type-A personality, I used meditation to reawaken my right brain, which was no easy task. It’s only with the combined usage of both hemispheres of our brain that we truly realize our full potential as human beings.

Changing times have opened the minds of many people to new possibilities. Today’s reactions to my answer about what I do are much more accepting than when I first admitted to being an animal communicator. Now I feel openness and curiosity rather than skepticism and fear. Most people want to know how I learned, how I communicate, what do they say. I don’t share the specifics of my story, since I don’t want to discourage anyone. I was blessed with incredible experiences and fabulous animal teachers that guided me along very rapidly.

I tell people that we all have the same capacity to communicate telepathically because our brains are physiologically identical. If it involves our soul’s purpose, things are supported and facilitated by the Universe. Once I committed to my path, opportunities flew to me. The more I learned, the more there was to learn, and the animals were marvelous teachers.

What began as a driving passion to talk to animals led me to discover other healing talents. As I uncovered new abilities, animals came to me that required my new skills. The Universe was telling me that I was on the right track, and the animals were validating my progress.

In the beginning, I was the biggest skeptic. I needed physical proof that I was truly affecting positive change. I trusted the animals and believed what I saw and heard back from their people. My work was producing positive behavioral changes. Today I combine my communication abilities with several other healing modalities to help animals live happier lives among humans. I haven’t needed physical proof for a very long time now.

Years ago during one of my consultations, I was told that companion animals came into existence to answer our souls’ cries for help because the earth plane is difficult to navigate. Our animals come to help us deal with the stresses and challenges of life. I’d always felt like my animals were taking more care of me than I of them. This insight confirmed that.

My own animals have shared their lives and lessons with me. They’ve supported me in the worst of times. They’ve filled my heart with joy and kept a smile on my face. They’ve given me a reason to live. I’m forever indebted to them and am humbled that each chose to share their life with me. One has actually shared four lives with me.

So much is being missed in our relationships with animals that I encourage anyone who feels the desire to talk to their animals to pursue it. It requires time and dedication, but the rewards are far-reaching. You don’t have to make it your life’s work; just being able to communicate with your own animal family will enrich your life a thousand-fold.

Animals are patient, selfless teachers. I am who I am today because of all the animals that have trusted me and allowed me into their lives. They’ve taught about unconditional love, forgiveness and joy. They’ve taught me more about life than anything I learned in my 18 years of school. Working with them every day is gratifying and fulfilling. I am truly blessed to love what I do. I am honored to admit, “I’m an animal communicator!”

About the Author:

Nancy A. Kaiser lives in the healing Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina surrounded by her family of dogs, cats and a horse. She is the author of Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation and Tales of an animal Communicator – Master Teachers. Nancy operates Just Ask Communications, a practice devoted to healing the human-animal bond through enhanced communication and understanding.  She works in-person, via phone and through Skype. Visit her at:  www.NancyKaiserAnimalCommunicator.com


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