Tricks You Can Teach a Puppy Early On

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By Jamie Highland

Young puppies can be very easy to train. You can make them do various tricks, as long as you approach the issue in the form of a game. A puppy can easily understand what you want and do it, especially if you provide a special award for each successful attempt.

A puppy is a very intelligent creature. As every young and inexperienced being, it is keen on exploration and games.

You can train a puppy and make it do various tricks, as long as you have the right approach. It is very important to be positive about the process and to turn it into a game that both you and the puppy will enjoy.

Understand that puppies are very intelligent. They will observe and repeat what you want from them, as long as you provide the proper stimuli. Little dog treats can be used to increase the effectiveness of the training session. Naturally, you will have to be patient and calm, even if the puppy fails getting there after few attempts.

Puppies can be though various relatively easy tricks. The techniques for teaching those are all uncomplicated.

Sit Down

This is a basic trick that each dog should be familiar with.

Get the puppy standing still on all fours. Say the command out loud: ‘sit.’ Your tone should be calm. Refrain from sounding intimidating or too commanding. You need to pronounce it clearly, so that the puppy gets acquainted to the verbal command. This tip is valid for all tricks.

Once you say sit, put one hand in front of the puppy’s front legs. This will provide it with support. With the other hand, gently push the puppy’s behind until it sits on the back legs. Once you get the puppy to sit, pat it and say ‘well done.’ Give it something tasty, so that the puppy knows it did something right.

Repeat the game several times until the puppy starts sitting without your interference. Provide it with an award each time.


This is a very simple and effective trick. Everybody loves a puppy that extends a front paw out, as a form of a greeting. To teach your puppy this paw-shake trick, you will need some treats and some patience.

Make the puppy sit. Hold one front paw in your hand and say out loud a relevant command – for example ‘greet.’ While you hold the puppy’s paw, give it something tasty and let go of the paw.

Repeat until the puppy starts stretching out the paw on its own. Most puppies will start alternating from one paw to the other if you refrain from giving them a treat. Have fun together.


Have you heard dogs barking after they have been asked to ‘speak’?  This trick is easy to teach and hilarious.

For this trick, you will need lots of patience. It cannot happen on its own and you will have to wait for the puppy to act first.

Wait for the puppy to start barking. Once it does, say out the command ‘speak’ clearly. Give the puppy a treat. Wait for it once again. As soon as the puppy barks, let it know it has done the right thing.

Soon, the puppy will establish a connection between barking and tasty dog treats. It will begin barking when you give the command. Make sure that you train it properly, otherwise the puppy will keep on barking ceaselessly until you give it some praise.

Once again, teaching your puppy tricks should be an enjoyable process for both parties. If the puppy feels scared and abused by you, it will do the tricks out of fear. Make sure that tricks are connected to a positive emotion and a way for you to bond with your pet.

It’s Certainly a Cat’s Life Choosing the Right Cattery

By David Surtees

An important part of planning your holiday is finding suitable accommodation for your cat. You don’t compromise your holiday hotel, so why put your family pet in anything less than the best? Read on to find out how to make the best choice.


Your pet is important to you and you want to know they are safe and healthy while you are away on holiday. Don’t leave finding a cattery until the last moment as the best will always be booked up early, especially if it’sduring the busiest holiday times. Leave plenty of time and visit local premises. You can then check out the facilities, cleanliness and general feel of the place. The owners should be only too willing to give you a guided tour and answer any questions you might have.

Visit two or three in your immediate area and check that they are licensed by their local authority. There should be a certificate on show confirming this. Take time over your selection because, after all, you want to leave your little “katter” in the very best hands.

The cattery owners should ask for valid proof of up to date immunisations and worming, so ascertain that your “katter” is in the very best of health and protected from all the known illnesses and viruses. A good cattery is a healthy cattery and you should be asked to provide documentary evidence. If you are not, then take it with you to show anyway. Conversely, if you are not asked, then perhaps that cattery is not worth consideration.


Ideally the staff should be friendly and caring and willing to show you around. Check that the accommodation is secure and adequately lit, ventilated and heated. Is there a double door system? This is important as escape is always possible and this will ensure your pet can’t run outside.

Is there a vet on call round the clock and have you been asked to fill in a questionnaire about the needs of your pet? Is the cattery able to cope with any special grooming or medical requirements?

Is there adequate partitioning between pens and are they secure? Cats from different households should be kept apart to minimise the risk of spreading any infection. There should be a ‘sneeze’ barrier between pens to ensure this does not happen.

A good cattery will suggest you bring in your pet’s bed and favourite toys. This all helps alleviate any stress that leaving your pet in a strange environment can bring about. The pen should also have a playing area and a sleeping compartment and a clean litter tray which has been disinfected. Check other pens to see if litter trays are regularly cleaned.

If you are visiting several catteries take a check list. That way you won’t miss anything out.

Having made your choice you can now go and enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that your “katter” is in the very best hands. He will have a comfortable time and you will know you have made the very best choice for your pet.

About the Author

David Surtees writes regularly on pet subjects for a range of websites and blogs.