Actions and Protest Ideas for Community Organizations


An “Action” is an event organized to bring attention to a demand to fix the problem or change the system.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it

- Make the demand

- Take Action

Pre-Action Planning:

Make a group decision about:

What is the demand?

By whom and how will the demand will be made?

To whom will the demand be made?

All Actions Need:

Media coverage: issue a news release to all TV, radio and newspapers about date, time, place, problem, and demand

Turn Out: call and remind people of date, time, and place. Arrange car-pooling and personally pick-up people to ensure attendance

Props: large props are best because they will deliver an easy to see message, such as blowing-up an Eviction Notice or Pink Slip onto a Poster Board. TV needs visual aids.


1. Picket

Needed: People, People, People

Signs/ Slogans

Permit: check with city or county government responsible for geographic area where you are holding the pickets

Chant: Rhyming is also good!

2. Write-In: Send empty paper plates with messages from those affected by the problem.

Needed: People

Paper Plates

Crayons, markers

People, Children

Labels ( 4″x 4″) with demand typed onto them or hand write demand on each paper plate

3. Wake Up Call: Deliver wind-up alarm clocks with a demand letter that asks the agency to Wake Up and Do_____________

Needed: People

Wind Up Alarm Clock(s)

4. Empty Food Basket: Deliver an empty food basket to the responsible public official with the demand letter or show up with an empty food basket wherever the public official goes in his/her official capacity. Place a sign on front the food basket which lists the demand in a short slogan.

Needed: People to deliver basket(s)

Bushel basket(s)

Pictures of children to paste on basket

Sign for front of basket

5. Candle Light Vigil: this is a “soft ” protest event.

Needed: People


Bucket of water


Tinfoil with hole cut in middle to fit around candle to catch dripping wax

6. Holiday Themes: Deliver Stockings filled with coal at Christmas time, a “Turkey” Award at Thanksgiving, Heartless Awards on Valentine’s Day

Needed: People

Stockings, coal, fan-fold Turkey decoration, construction or poster board red heart Shape with a black circle a round it and line through the middle. ( like no-smoking


7. Clean Slate: Use to demand change, deliver children’s toy erasable slates

Needed: People

Toy slates

8. Pass Out Pink Slip(s): Use to demand that management be replaced. Deliver Pink Slips to Director with a letter asking them to resign or to Elected Official who is responsible for the problem agency, issue….

Needed: People

Pink Paper with termination notice typed on it

9. Empty Baby Food Jars: Placea labels with slogan or demand on the baby food jar and leave them in agency waiting room, restrooms, hallways, etc.

Needed: People

Baby food jars


10. Eviction Notices: Present Eviction Notices to public official responsible, evicting them from the child support enforcement system

Needed: People

Poster board with large Eviction Notice or 8×11 paper with Eviction Notice typed onto

it or buy pre-printed eviction notices and fill in.