Save the Nuba

If you have knowledge of the Holocaust in the 1940′s and had influence to help stop it, would you have?

What if you could help stop genocide today?
The Persecution Project Foundation is sending out an urgent request for advocacy on behalf of the Nuba People in Sudan.

The situation is dire. Their government is making a concentrated effort to eradicate the Nuba People. They are being exterminated because they are indigenous, black African or because they fought for the independence of Sudan and when the lines were drawn, they ended up in North Sudan.

These are our brothers and sisters in Christ. The tactic being used by their government is the same one they used in Darfur:

• They are being bombed and driven from their villages

• Soldiers are going house to house and killing Christian or those they suspect helped South Sudan gain their independence
• Because of the timing of the air raids they have been unable to plant their crops –so they on the verge of famine. Without relief, their food consists of nothing except greens.

Would you help us spread awareness of their plight by:

1) Speaking up for them on Facebook or Twitter

2) Reposting this blog post.

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One person can’t save the Nuba alone, but a community of people can.