5 Tips for Families to Help Avoid Holiday Stress

Holiday excitement is brewing in many of our homes, and it has been for awhile. Stores putting out their Christmas decorations before we’ve even finished off our Halloween candy and holiday music sprinkled between easy listening songs being playing on the radio doesn’t help us to welcome in the holidays in a relaxing way. The sense of urgency to celebrate is here and our children seem to sense it.

As we approach for most of us what is the busiest season of the year, keep these 5 tips in mind to help you and yours avoid holiday stress.

1. Be sure everyone gets enough sleep. Just like adults, when kids aren’t well rested they can be moody and short tempered.
2. Get outside. Exercise some of your stress away. Kick a ball around the backyard with the kids, go for a family bike ride or take a long walk. Being active helps us naturally de-stress.
3. Take a time out. Sometimes families stress out because there is just too much going on. Have everyone take a break, read a book, color or take part in some other quiet activity.
4. Have a discussion. Talk about what’s going on and try to determine the root of the stress. When you realize your stress trigger, you are better able to manage it.
5. Call for backup. Sometimes kids (and parents) just need a change. Call Family Helpers and have one of our qualified helpers step in and help out. Whether it’s to take over dinner and bedtime duties for the night, or to care for the kids while you go holiday shopping, a break in routine can be the perfect stress reliever for all!