20 Steps to Recover From a Break Up

It can be difficult to deal with the many emotions that come with a breakup immediately after a relationship ends.  This is especially true if you aren’t the one who initiated the ending of the romance.  If you find yourself struggling to recover from a break up, the following information will be helpful for you.  Will you allow these 20 tips to help you?

  • Is it really over? Before you put the effort into recovering from the relationship, determine whether or not it is really over.  If there is a chance you can work it out, focus on that instead of recovery.
  • Can you still be friends? If you the relationship is over, determine whether or not it will be possible to be friends. Many times, it is not possible.
  • Give yourself some time to heal. Recovering from a break up can take some time. Don’t expect to just forget about it. Give yourself time to heal.
  • Get rid of the little reminders.  Gifts, pictures, and other memoirs should be done away with in an effort to recover.  You don’t want little reminder lying around that will bring back the memories and only increase the pain.
  • Confide in your family and friends. Your support system will be important in successfully recovering from a break up.  Choose to land on family and friends during this time.
  • Don’t turn to food for comfort. Food is not the answer.  It may seem to comfort you for a little while but will only end up in weight gain.  Eating for comfort is not the answer.  Choose to confide in family and friends instead.
  • Get out! Don’t sit inside and dwell on the break up. Get out and find ways to get your mind off of the breakup.
  • Take up a new hobby. One way to get out and get your mind off the break up is to take up a new hobby.  Try something new and find ways to stay active so that you aren’t dwelling on the problem.
  • Volunteer to help get your mind off the breakup.  If you are searching for a way to get your mind off of the breakup, consider volunteering your time.
  • Don’t feel the need to explain the situation to everyone. Explaining the break up over and over again will only bring the hurt back to light.  Let those closest to you know what happened and simply choose not to talk about it with others.
  • Keep your distance. Don’t hang out with your ex! Even if you have the same crowd of friends, this can make things even more difficult.
  • Don’t use social media as a way to vent. Venting on social media will only make things worse.
  • Delete him or her from having access to your social media. You don’t want any contact with a person you have recently broken up with if the situation is full of heartbreak.
  • Focus more on your career. Choose to put the break up behind you and focus more on your career than on the heartache.
  • See a counselor. Talking to someone about the break up can also be helpful. A counselor can come into handy if you need to vent.
  • Discover your spirituality. In a time of need, choose to turn to a higher power. Many people have relied on their faith to help them through.
  • Write down your feelings and emotions. Create a journal of your thoughts. Writing things down often helps.
  • Go out for drinks with friends. The more you get out, the better off you will be. Invite the company of your friends to help you heal.
  • Realize that there is hope. In time, you will get over the breakup.  Don’t give up hope.
  • Fight depression. Do your best not to fall into depression. If you notice yourself becoming depressed, seek help immediately.

Whether the relationship lasted only a few months or even a few years, breaking up is a hard part of life. Use the tips above to help you deal with the many emotions that can come through the process.

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