Relationship Mistakes Married Men Make

Married men and married women both make mistakes in their relationships but if you look  at a certain statistic it may be evident that men may make most of the mistakes in a marriage.  It’s estimated that 3 out of 4 divorces are filed by women.  This could mean that wives just get tired of husband mistakes and decide to give up.

Keep it real. We all need relationships, someone to share our life with to be fulfilled and complete. Sometimes people live alone and express an emptiness and don’t develop as well emotionally and socially. There are some people who choose to be alone due to having been in a bad relationship and the scars run deep.  Married couples tend to thrive better than singles and usually achieve more in life in every way.

Answer the following question: If we were meant to be together and have a relationship, why is it so easy that we make mistakes that jeopardize that relationship? Incidentally, some of the things we do that are wrong or viewed as wrong are done inadvertently.

Sometimes people tend to get in a rut and make the same mistake over and over again, which in itself could drive a spouse crazy. Maybe you are asking yourself are people aware they are repeating these mistakes? Some are and some are not. It all depends on their mindset. When one person in a relationship continues to make the same mistakes, the other person could view this as an attempt to sabotage the relationship.

First factor each person must understand is that indifference does not mean there is a lack of love. The fact is that each person perceives the problem at hand differently than the other. Women like to discuss the problem, be stroked and made to feel as if it is okay; whereas men are the ones to rush to fix the problem and then they have moved on. The challenge with that is it may take their wife a couple of days to get over the situation.

Women are emotional and that is the area that men must learn how to give her the time to work through those emotions when it comes to an issue within their marriage.  How many times have we seen the headline Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Sure we communicate differently HOWEVER, that should not be a problem. Men want to solve it and move on quickly. Women want to solve and talk in order to feel closer.

Lesson to be learned:  Men whether you are married or in a committed relationship, don’t be so quick to fix the problem but take the time to listen, respect your significant other’s opinions and ideas. You will be amazed at the difference this makes in your relationship.



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