California’s 3-Strike Law

California’s 3-strike law is very controversial because it is so strict. The basic concept is that if you commit 3 felony offenses you must be imprisoned the rest of your life. There is neither parole nor probation allowed. Juvenile, out of state and non-violent criminal convictions all count toward three strikes.

The California state prison population includes over 33,000-second strikers and over 9,000 third strikers, because “strike” sentences can be triggered by any felony conviction. So if you are charged with any type of felony in California it is important that you find a good california criminal lawyer to help you avoid conviction or plea bargain your crime down to a misdemeanor

Los angles has the most three strike convictions in the state, probably due to having the greatest population, so if you are charged with a felony in Los Angles, it is especially important to hire a Los angeles criminal defense lawyer.

The California three-strike law was enacted after 18-year old Kimber Reynolds and 12-year-old Polly Klaas were murdered by men who had criminal records.  The intent was to stop violent repeat criminal offenses, but the data is does not seem to support this outcome, and since even non-violent crimes are included it is difficult to interpret the data to find any proof it is working.


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