Reusing Your Wire Baskets In The Garden Environment

Wire baskets are often used around the home to store various items, from fruit and vegetables to hair and beauty products.  They are useful for storing fresh food as their structure allows the flow of air, which helps prevent mould from forming.  In addition the ability to easily see what is inside of wire baskets means that they are great for storing items of any kind.  However, wire baskets do have a lifespan and will eventually become misshapen and need replacing.  Here we look at how you can make good use of your old wire baskets and turn them into a nice garden feature.

Creating a hanging basket

The most obvious way of reusing wire baskets in the garden environment is to make them into hanging baskets.  The first step is to add some lining that will hold moisture and help your plants through dry spells.  There are a few different lining options open to you, including plastic.  The most popular choice tends to be the combination of jute and sisa, which has a moss-like finish to it.
For a more traditional finish you may decide to go for real moss – although it does take more time and effort to fit.  The benefit of jute and sisa and real moss lining is that they will slightly protrude through the gaps and thus hide the wire, giving a more natural look and also disguising the fact that you are recycling wire baskets!  If you really want to hide the wire mesh you can make holes in the lining and plant seeds so that flowers will grow through the side and bottom of the basket.

A more creative approach

In addition to the smaller wire baskets that we tend to find in the home, it could be that you are able to lay your hands on larger alternatives.  If you are looking to add a more creative feature to your garden then you should consider visiting local shops to see if they have any old dump bins going spare.
These are the wire baskets that are typically used for items that are on sale and can often be found in electrical and clothing retailers.

The dump bins should be lined using the same technique as you would with smaller baskets.  When positioned correctly they can provide a really fantastic feature.  One idea would be to place the finished article in the middle of a flower bed and then place more flowers around the base if it.  You will be left with a flower bed that works on two levels and which adds depth and texture to your floral display.