Winter Is Passing – Get Your Garden Ready

By Sam Gerald

The winter, whatever there was of it, is quickly winding down. And for many of us that means warmer temperatures and excitement over what the spring holds for our gardens. There is however, quite a bit of work that has to be done between now and spring to get your garden ready to shine. Here are a few quick tips on getting your garden ready and making sure that it is the absolute best it can be.

  • Planning ahead

This is by far the best thing you can do for the look and feel of your garden. There are no gardens around that look great without a fair amount of prior planning. Knowing what you’re going to plant is the first thing to think about, and it really is only bounded by your imagination and the climate that you’re living in. You might want just vegetables for a healthy and delicious addition to your cooking, or you might want to split the garden between vegetables and flowers in order to get the best of both worlds.

  • Getting the ground ready

Since the soil is by far the most important part of the garden, and the deciding factor in whether things will grow properly or not, you want to be sure that your efforts are focused mainly on preparing it for the coming planting season. The best thing you can do is aerate and fertilize the soil right after the last frost of the winter, to get it primed for planting and to give it time to adjust to the warmth. You also want to eliminate the possibility of weeds destroying your plants, and the aeration and fertilization stage of garden preparation is the perfect time to think about using a good and safe weed killer for lawns or gardens to kill any inchoate weeds that are located in the soil.

  • Plant with a plan

Having already spent time planning what you’re going to plant, now is the time to decide where and how to plant it. The soil is ready, the weeds are dead and you’re good to go. Try to plant taller and heartier varieties on the perimeter of the garden, to allow some protection for your more delicate plants in the center of the garden from certain pests and other threats. Indeed if your garden is falling victim to pests such as ants or rodents, you might want to look into one of the many great organic pest control options such as boric acid or diatomaceous earth to get rid of them.

By following these steps you’re sure to have a pleasant and healthy garden for the spring and summer months.