Durable & Affordable Garage Accessories

By Aaron Lerner

Reliable, efficient, rapid, smooth, safe, durable are issues a homeowner will usually look for. Of course these qualities of a residential garage door could be made possible by the installer at a cost plus. It can be crafted, customized to a particular requirement, fitted with hardware that can be operated manually or by remote control. Scientific technology has come up a long way from earlier technological models. Product innovation have invaded the market in quantities, and qualities and design, mechanically operated as well as electronically run.


The ceiling  is one of the more traditional homeowners preference.  It doubles in function as the main entryway of residents and the car as well. It requires rail tracts, hoisting cable and a power motor to lift and lower the door. Although a breakdown rarely happens, there is a mechanical lever that operates manually, otherwise the whole operation is electronically driven. Other accessories that can be connected to it is a “laser garage parking assist” that aids the owner when parking. In normal use the garage door can last for a long time with proper maintenance.

Electronic Eye

When closing it will have an automatic reversing capability such as when the infrared scanner sees something at the bottom like a  broken material, a toy, or a pet cat. The infrared scanner range covers the door width span. This also a safety feature that will prevent little children to be struck by the door.


A garage door, whether it is chain, cable, or shaft driven mechanism the motor size is usually a varying factor. It can be fitted with a control system that is handy. The same control system could be digital, analog, wireless , wall mounted and programmable. The timer can be programed to execute when to close and when to open, rapidly or slowly The control box  can do other functions for the house like locking and unlocking the front and back doors, switching on and off lights and radio. The remote system can send or transmit signals even at great distance.

Reserve Power Energy

There will be battery to supplement in times of emergency situation like bad weather, earthquake  or similar disturbances that causes power interruption.  It allows uninterruptable access to the garage.

The remote control has evolved thru the years and a host of technologies has been applied to ensure security to the user.

Rolling code technology – Not really new as most garage door owners have this. But, the standard hopping code remote control has just upgraded its computer chip and billions of codes are now stored in the device. The technology on this is, when the remote sends a signal to open up the garage, it then sends back a new code and the device remembers it. And that goes back and forth changing the code whenever you hit the button on the remote. Making it hard for burglars to crack it.

Biometrics – With the rolling code technology came biometrics as a keyless entry that uses fingerprint scanning.

Smartphone as a Garage door opener – this is powered by MyQ Technology from Liftmaster. You can use your smartphone as a remote control to open up not just your home appliances (lights, oven) but also as a garage opener. For this app to be utilized,  create an account and input a security and passcode. The great thing about this app is it can also be used to close the door even if you are halfway around the world. Also, in your screen you can check the status of your door if it is open or closed. And you can also use your smartphone as a webcam to check for any intruder. The app is free for the first year but goes for $14.95 if you want to renew it.

Durable and affordable garage accessories are available in the market of different brand manufacturers domestically made and those from foreign countries. With new technology within and around the garage, still it helps to maintain safety and security that can improve your life in far so many different ways for your garage door opener.

Author Bio:

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5 Tips For Maximising Garage Storage Space

The task of keeping your garage neat and tidy can often seem like a never-ending chore.  As soon as we have got it in order, it seems that items start making own way around the garage.  The problem can be further exacerbated if we have children in the home.  Here we suggest five useful tips that can help you maximise storage space in your garage and keep it looking tidy.

Start from scratch

When tackling your garage storage problems it is essential to start from scratch.  So make sure that you choose a nice day when the sun is shining and take everything that is moveable out of the garage.
As you are removing the items review each one and decide whether you really need to keep it, or if it is just taking up valuable storage space.  You might be surprised at just how much you can get rid of.

Racking and shelving

The installation of racking and shelving is a great way of making use of the storage area that is available to you.  Whilst you still have the garage empty, now is the ideal time to fix your racking and shelving in place without having to worry about your belongings getting in the way.  Be sure to make use of all the space right up to the ceiling, which is often not taken advantage of.

Parts bins

In order to avoid clutter and keep racking and shelving organised it is wise to incorporate parts bins into the design.  These handy containers are a great way keeping smaller items such as screws and nails together, which can save time when you need them in a hurry.

Making use of boxes

Keep hold of any strong cardboard boxes that come into your possession.  They are ideal for storing belongings in and stack extremely well.  In the event that you are storing material items inside the cardboard boxes, you should first securely fasten them in plastic bags to protect from mould and damp.
If your garage is especially susceptible to damp then consider buying some stackable plastic storage boxes – otherwise you could be faced with the hassle of rotting cardboard boxes.

Nails and hooks

Our final tip for maximising storage space is to make use of any spare wall area by fixing up some nails and hooks.  These can be used to hang various garden tools, such as your spade and hedge trimmers.  Do make sure that all nails and hooks used are strong enough to hold the item which will be hung on them; negating the chances on them falling and breaking, or possibly causing injury.