Encouraging Wildlife In Your Garden With Wild Bird Food

Whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty and doing regular gardening, or prefer to run a low-maintenance garden that needs little attention, the chances are that you do appreciate sitting out and enjoying the fine weather whenever you get chance.  For many people, gardens offer the opportunity to take a break from everyday life and relax in natural surroundings.  The relaxing sensation can be enhanced through encouraging local wildlife into your garden.  Wild bird food is a great way of persuading our feathered friends to spend some time on your property.

Attracting different types of bird

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of wild bird food that can be used to attract a variety of birds into your garden.  Your choice really depends on the type of birds you would like in your garden.

The Carolina Wren is noted for its loud song

For example, it is possible to purchase wild bird food that will encourage song birds into your garden – a real plus if you enjoy listening to the birds chatter away as you enjoy a glass of wine.  Or if you get enjoyment from watching colourful birds then it is also possible to purchase wild bird food that will attract them too.


In order to attract as many birds as possible to your garden it is important to position your wild bird food in the right places.  Birds have a very poor sense of smell and therefore feed by sight – so it is essential to place feeders in easy to see locations.  Of course you also want to place them so that you can enjoy the birds from where your seating area is positioned.

Positioning ensures great veiwing & safety of birds

Do remember to place your feeders away from walls and low roofs wherever possible – otherwise you are providing an ideal spot for any local cats to lie in wait.

Extra considerations

As well as introducing wild bird food to your garden, there are a few other extras that you could add to the garden to attract more birds.  The first option is to add a bird bath, which can provide some great entertainment as your watch them bath and then dry themselves.

Drying its wings in the sun

Then there is the option of adding bird boxes to your garden area – a choice that will enable you to watch as the birds build their nest, hatch their eggs and finally teach their young to fly.  If you do end up with birds rearing their young in your garden; there are even high energy and protein wild bird food mixes that will give parents the energy they need to successfully feed their young.