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There are a wide variety of hairstyles for wedding ceremonies. From Up-dos, flat-dos, pin curls, finger waves, love locks, dreadlocks and many more. The choice is personal preference.

Do you have long or short hair? Believe it or not, choosing a hairstyle depends on personal comfort level and the attire of your wedding party. If the bride decides everyone involved with the wedding ceremony should have their hair professionally done at a salon, it would be wise to schedule a couple of appointments with a stylist prior to the wedding day. This allows the stylist to present the wedding party with great ideas, and to practice several hairstyles.

By all means brings pictures of your hairstyle ideas, they love that because it gives them a visual of what type of hairstyle they are going to achieve. Also if possible pre book that same stylist for your (trial run) practice appointments as well as your wedding day, the stylist will remember exactly what type of hairstyle the both of you had previously agreed on, they will probably keep a not on file, maybe take pictures.

Donít forget to bring all hair accessories to your appointments, tiaraís, barrettes, veils and anything else your wedding party is going to be wearing in the hair. If your trying to keep the cost to a minimum, making several phone calls to a variety of salons will help. Simply ask if they charge for practice appointments for bridal partyís, some salons will charge a minimal fee for trail run hairstyles.

Wedding Trick To Save Money!
Keep in mind there are several Beauty Schools that also perform these services, usually the cost is very minimal compared to prices at the salons. But there can be drawbacks. Not all students are at the same education level, some are slower than others, you may not be able to get the same student throughout the whole preparation process.

I have been teaching in Beauty Schools for 2 ‡ years, I have seen some beautiful wedding party up doís, since the schools are a learning facility, the students take pride in creating hairstyles for special occasions.

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