DIY: 5 Best Hairstyles for Men

Are you looking for a new style that suits your hair type? Here are the best cuts of the moment, which are low maintenance and easy to wear.

Prohibition High-and-Tight

If you haven’t watched Boardwalk Empire yet, what are you playing at? This hairstyle – modelled by our man, Tom Hardy – is straight from the days of the Prohibition. It’s strong, masculine, and goes really well with a full beard. Avoid this style if your hair is wavy or curly.

Get to the barber shop and ask your trimmer to keep the sides short, getting shorter towards the nape of your neck. On the top, there should be at least an inch and a half. Finish up by using a gel to keep the front in place.


This ‘do is a little Johnny Bravo, but not quite so sky-high. Without a doubt, the hipster hairstyle is the most popular on the block at the moment. Even the Biebs rocks this look (sorry, we didn’t mean to dissuade you). This style may not work for you if your hair is very thick or very curly, otherwise you’re good to go!

Your barber has to leave at least three inches on top, so you can build up the crowning glory. Sides should be somewhere between short and medium, depending on how ‘natural’ you want your hipster hair to look.

Lock in your style by blowdrying back your hair and using strong hold hair product.

James Dean

Look like you’ve just emerged from a 1950s film theatre with the swept back, rebellious James Dean style. This is a full-bodied style that works if your hair is curly and medium to thick; it probably won’t work for you if you have fine and straight hair.

Keep your sides at a medium length. The top should be twice as long as the sides, but blended well. Use a medium hold pomade to keep it in place and comb straight back. You could easily do this at home with Wahl hair clippers.


Now is a great time to grow out your hair and get away with it. If Brad Pitt has given it the okay, you know you’re in safe waters. Rather than a quick-fix, this takes time to grow. This style used to be the reserve of metal heads, but now you can experience what it’s like to have the wind in your hair.

Hail Caesar!

“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius … and I will have my Caesar haircut, in this life or the next!”

We think that’s how it went anyway…

Russell Crow mastered this style in 2000, and recently Gerard Butler (famous for his appearance in 300) has followed suit. You can’t really get more low maintenance than this, so it’s perfect for athletes. You can get away with this style and it doesn’t matter what your hair type is, unless it is seriously textured. Just cut your hair evenly.



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