Running a Green Business

Environmental concerns have become greater than ever in recent years. Whilst many of us are recycling at home, many businesses are still convinced that going green takes a lot of hard work, whereas in reality there are several ways that businesses can go green and reduce their environmental impact. This also entails reducing their outgoings, as going green for businesses mainly means minimizing waste.

Simple actions such as turning off computers, hardware, lights and printers at the end of the working day or when not in use can make an instant positive impact on your company’s carbon footprint, thereby improving your green credentials. Program your monitors to turn off after a few minutes of inactivity, and make sure that you unplug items such as phone or laptop chargers when inactive, as they will consume energy even when not charging your devices. Also try adjusting the thermostat slightly, as this can save a lot of energy, and most, if not all people in the building won’t feel the difference.

It’s also worth investing in energy-efficient consumer electronics, appliances and bulbs to power your business. These energy-efficient products, whilst entailing an initial investment, can conserve energy and will eventually pay themselves off with the savings they can provide. Some will even allow tax cuts for the business-owner.

The reduction of waste is another effective way to make a business greener. Using biodegradable packaging, as well as recycled/recyclable materials can significantly reduce waste. Many things, from paper to hazardous waste can be recycled. In addition, take notes and do a majority of your writing digitally so as to avoid waste paper. Send memos out via e-mail as opposed to on paper, and store documents digitally. This will not only reduce paper wastage, but will also make organisation a whole lot easier. Check taps often for leaks, making sure to fix any problems straight away.

Try and look out for brands and companies that are dedicated to keeping a low carbon footprint when shopping for supplies, stationary or other equipment. Greener options are always available for office supplies such as pens, printer cartridges, chairs and outdoor banners. By implementing a greener policy and only choosing companies with green credentials, you can be certain that you will not be contributing to environmental damage and pollution.

Make an effort to spread the green message to your employees too. Many business offer incentives to employees who car share or get public transport to work. Initiatives that encourage employees to go green can really help reduce your business’ environmental damage.

Whether you run a large or small business, going green and reducing your impact on the environment does not have to be a chore. With a few simple but effective changes, you can reduce your business’ carbon footprint, which will not only save the environment, but can also reduce spend and increase profits