When Your Child is an Auditory Learner….

As we consider learning styles, let’s take a moment to talk about auditory learners.  These are the students who learn best through hearing things.  You know your child is an auditory learner if he or she seems to be a good listener, enjoys music, often repeats things aloud to aid memory and similar traits.  Auditory learners are in a good place when it comes to going to school-many teachers are auditory people and tend to teach in this way.  In other words, we talk a lot.  Your auditory child will fit right in and will be able to get most of the information being offered in most classrooms.

How can you support your auditory learner?  There are lots of things you can do to help.

  • Repeat, and have your student repeat, directions and information out loud, especially if it’s important to remember it.
  • Study for tests orally, using questions and answers, repeating lists, reciting formulas and so forth.
  • Repeat information multiple times.  The more often it is heard, the easier it is to remember.
  • Read difficult text out loud instead of silently.  Or read to your student.  There’s no harm in that and it just might help more of the information to stick in the memory.
  • Record information using a digital recorder or even your phone or computer’s microphone.  You can even get really fancy and download a free program called Audacity.  It will allow you to record mp3 files and your student can then load them onto an mp3 player and listen to them while doing other things.
  • Use auditory signals to let your youngster know time is up or other transitions will be happening.  Ideas include timers, buzzers, bells and so forth.
  • Plan writing assignments out loud.  If possible, try recording the child’s words and then letting him or her transcribe them.

All of these things will help your auditory learner to be more successful at school tasks.

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