Hello and welcome to Learning at Home and School!  I’m Sandy Fleming, your hostess.  You might have seen me around the internet as tutor1235 as well.

Learning at Home and School is an advice column hosted by Advice and Info.com.  I’ll be sharing articles about learning, information about how children learn and how you can maximize their efforts, and a selection of tips you can use to help them improve grades and academic performance.  I can also help you untangle educational jargon and offer advice and help for managing special needs like ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or other learning challenges.

I’m a self-employed teacher with over thirty years of experience working as a private tutor.  I’ve earned my Master’s Degree in Special Education and have a lot of experience helping families manage educational hurdles.  Please drop me a note or leave questions for me in comments sections so I can share just the information you’re looking for.