BINGO for All Seasons and Reasons

Check your game closet for learning fun!

One of my all-time favorite learning games is BINGO.  It’s simple enough for the preschool crowd and entertaining enough for children in elementary school.  Even adults enjoy it!  Traditional BINGO games have a lot of educational value simply built into the recognition of numbers, number sequence (which letter contains which range of numbers) and similar skills.  You can even modify the game to get more math mileage by calling out math problems like O  96-38.

But wait!  There’s MORE!

You can create a modified form of BINGO that is great for identifying and matching all sorts of academic information.  Just make yourself a blank board, five squares wide and five squares tall.  I also use 3 x 3 boards for younger students or some of my developmentally challenged clients.  Duplicate a bunch of copies of your blank BINGO boards because you’re going to think of a ton of applications for them.

For the youngest kids, try coloring the squares and calling out color names to find and cover with a sticker.  You can also put in letters or numbers to identify or spots to count and cover when you call out the matching number.  The great thing about these blank BINGO boards is that you can have players color the squares instead of trying to keep track of all of those little markers.

When kids are beginning to read, use your alphabet BINGO board to practice beginning sounds and other phonics skills.  Use your numbers BINGO board to practice finding the answers to math problems.  Try putting sight words or rhyming words in the boxes for your emergent reader to find and color.

For older children, you can put in money amounts or times and use coins or clocks to call them out.  Try fractions where kids find the equivalent version on their boards or the answer to a simple fraction computation.

Like I said, the possibilities are nearly endless.  You’ll have a game you can use and reuse for years to come!

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