Doggy Lawn Spots!

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Those of you with dogs have all seen these “spots” in the grass every year. They result from your dog(s) peeing on the lawn. Since dog urine has such a high concentration of nitrogen (which means it also has a high Ph level) you’ll be getting these little fairy rings where the grass inside the circle dies and the ring grows like a hot darn. Usually the rings come from females squatting. Males aren’t as guilty of making rings because they pee on things at a higher level – trees, lawn chairs, gates, laundry hanging on the fence and even the corners of your house.

What can you do to prevent this? There are actually food supplements and additives that, when given to your dog, will neutralize the acid in the urine. Now this sounds like a good idea, until you realize that if you alter the Ph level of your dog’s urine, it can lead to some very serious consequences (bladder stones). So, bottom line, it is way better to treat the lawn and not the dog. And it can be as simple as merely soaking the spot your dog just peed on with water, diluting the nitrogen.

And what about the burnt areas that are staring you in the face on a daily basis? Luckily, some of them will come back on their own. But, you can re-seed the burnt area so long as you water really well before seeding and after, then cover with netting or clear plastic. Oh, not because the dog will pee on it again, but because the birds will take off with your seeds.

You can also have a designated “do your business” spot. This can be a small graveled area, a cement block, plain dirt or maybe even dead grass. Train you dog to only go in that spot. By the way, your dog would prefer loose sand or gravel. It feels better to them. Take the dog out on a leash to the new designated spot and wait until s/he urinates. Mission accomplished, praise lavishly for going in the right spot.

If they head to “greener” pastures just firmly say NO and head back to the new spot. You might have to do this consistently for a few days in a row, and make it a fun occasion complete with treats – but it will be well worth it if you can keep your lawn green. Always remember to keep the area clean of doo and hose it down on a regular basis.