This recipe came into being because Fiddle Dee (a Boxer girl) really packed on the pounds after being spayed. The Vet said it had to come off and so it did, with a little bit of finagling and coaxing. This is low in calories but high in fiber to give that “full” feeling.

Protein, vitamins and minerals are also balanced. The vegetables provide fiber and bulk and the low fat diary products give protein, vitamins and minerals, but help reduce calories.

This recipe would feed a 30 to 40 pound dog for one day.

Note: as with any recipe in this booklet, if your dog in on commercial dog food, you may need to mix these meals with the commercial dog food while you gradually cut your dog over to meals like this. It takes about 6 to 10 days to do a total switch out of food so you don’t aggravate their stomachs and give them diarrhea. Some dogs can tolerate the change sooner and some will take longer.

You may also opt to feed a combination of commercial food with these recipes. HOWEVER, make sure you are reducing the amount you feed quite significantly and reduce the offering of this food to the “treat” category and in much smaller amounts. For example: use the following recipe and top it off with a small full of commercial food.

You may need to experiment with amounts until you get the hang of it.

● 4 ounces lean ground beef
● ½ cup dry cottage cheese
● 2 cups cooked carrots (shredded or sliced into small pieces)
● 2 cups cooked green beans
● 1 tsp bone meal (you can get this at a health food store)
● 1-cup cooked brown rice
● ½ tsp garlic powder
● 1/8 tsp ginger

Cook the lean ground beef well and make sure you drain off as much fat as you can. Use paper towels to pat it as well to absorb even more fat.

Mix in the other ingredients and serve on a bed of cooked brown rice.