Pick you Side! Function vs. Look

By Simon Andras

Some ladies love the thrill of the frills.  They love shopping, looking in the mirror, trying outfits on and hitting the streets to be seen and heard.  These fashion conscious women would rather be caught frozen in Siberia without a hideous parka.  To the looks-conscious woman, seasons are just opportunities to speak loudly with their style.  To these ladies, fashion function is not a thing to be concerned with.  If it looks cute, she’ll take it!

Meanwhile, we have the lady that favors function.  This lady is all about garments meeting a purpose.  She doesn’t care if these boots are cute! She just wants to know if they have a fur lining for the cold climate.  Who doesn’t want a fashion piece that perform as well as it looks!

Peep this bag. It looks great and gets you organized!

organized bag

How about designer handbags that actually look fabulous and carries all your gear!  How about this purple one?

purple bag

These Heels are to Die For!

What about those huge nine inch nails (aka scary stilettos)? You see them on the runways and on some celebrity’s feet!  What function do they serve! They almost need a bodyguard to break the fall and some serious insurance to kick in incase your bodyguard fails to time the fall!  Check out these sky-high heels. I think we can all agree that these are mostly made for the purpose of looks!

heels full coverageheels goatheels stilts heels fancy sparkle

Some Ladies Need to Compromise Because…

We marvel at all the couture gowns, the styles and the way the models carry a designer’s creation down the runway.  What intrigues us happens to be in the colors, the structure, the material and the glitz and glam that come with it all.  Wow!  So nice to look at but where will I wear this outfit to?  These would be the question a style compromiser may ponder.  Their lifestyle may not necessarily be the jet setting, award show-attending socialite.  This woman is most likely feeling a bit of disconnect to certain fashion structure.  If it doesn’t suit her lifestyle, she won’t buy into it.

I can only imagine every bride wants to float away on their wedding day. For more imaginative wedding dresses check out: http://www.wearableartblog.com/my_weblog/2011/05/mobius-wearable-art-runway-show.html

inflatable dress

Other times it’s a body image situation.  There are certain outfits that women, of different shapes and sizes, feel comfortable wearing.  What a rail thin lady would wear is different from something a voluptuous woman would wear.  Say if this same woman loved something the other was wearing, either one compromises the fit and style that will look best on their body types.

Will you swim or sink to hide from being seen at the beach in these?

weird swimsuit

I would take a dentist appointment any day over these fashion creations.

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes and others just block your vision…


Looks come before function in these sunglasses. Some people could be looking for style and style alone. There’s something for everyone.

woman wearing wild sunglasses

Why some Women choose a Style Compromise

Sometimes function is an enemy to style.  It can lead to various fashion crimes.  One reason that other women love to choose a compromise is comfort. Unfortunately, the more comfortable they feel, the more they leave the house in some questionable “garments”.  At this stage, all that matters is their own comfort.  While it may be working for them, they risk becoming sloppy dressers.  Do I hear pajamas and sweats!  It’s clear that function can quickly hinder the efforts of style.

In the Name of Fashion Meeting Function

What causes one shopper to walk right past the high heels to grab the flats right beside the six-inch stilettos?  Comfort and lifestyle would be a great guess. Where do you draw the line of fashion meeting function?  I would say when you have some safety issues in question.

While function has always been seen as “too ugly” to wear, this view is quickly changing.  Resolving the dilemma about fashion meeting function is found in exposing all the beautiful fashion pieces that can be customized to fit different lifestyles.  Designs are entering the market with stylish exteriors and high quality interiors that offer value and fashion appeal.  Smart design is the idea.  Now you can have your cake and eat it too!


About the Author:

Simon is a professional writer at Higherclick.com and this article is for their client Macy’s.com.

The Secrets of a Fashionista: Look Great on a Budget

By Hannah Toran

It’s definitely easy to look like a celebrity when you’re, well, a celebrity. Most of us, however, don’t have a style team and a make up team at our disposable.  We also don’t have the luxury of shopping for designer items all the time. So what’s a gal to do? How do we look like a million bucks without spending millions?

Have no fear ladies. Sometimes, we can have our cake and eat it too! Looking fabulous on a tight budget can totally be done, you just have to know the tricks.

Discount Stores |

For some of us, this might be stating the obvious, and for others, this tip might be life-changing. Stores like Marshall, TJ Maxx and Loehmans are actually not low-class stores! These stores get name brand items a season old, and sell them to us on discount. From Steve Madden shoes, to sometimes even Coach purses, these stores carry it all and at totally affordable prices! So next time you’re going shopping, don’t be embarrassed to explore these fabulous stores.

Accessories |

It’s all about the details ladies. Finding the perfect accessories for each outfit can make a huge difference. Sometimes wearing those gold hoops or that simple pearl necklace, can really add a whole new dimension of style to your outfit.  And what’s great about accessories is that they totally don’t have to cost a lot! You can find great pieces for under $25. A great place to start accessorizing is at Forever21. This store offers a huge variety of accessories at unbelievable prices.

Make up |

Ever have an event to go to and want to look practically perfect? We have all been there. Well here’s a tip most people don’t know about. At Sephora and make up stands in department stores, the make up consultants do make up with just the purchase of one item. Most make up artists cost at least $80 dollars or more but when you go this route, you can pay as little as $20. Treat yourself to a lipstick or eye shadow you like, and they will make you over!

From head to toe these tips are sure to help you look your best. Always keep your eye out for sales and for great new deals. Keep up with the latest trends and look for similar styles within the discount stores.  Looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

About the Author :

Hannah Toran is fashion inspired writer.  Hannah loves to search for the best bargains, while still keeping up on the latest trends.  Currently, Hannah writers for the luxury pearl jewelry company Pearl & Clasp.  To follow more of Hannah’s fashion advice, follow her on Facebook or Google +.