Locating Deadbeat Parents Who Owe Child Support

Government Child Support Agencies (IV-D Programs) are Required to:

Under federal law to assist you in locating the parent who owes child support whether or not you receive TANF (welfare) benefits. The following services are provided through the IV-D program:

• Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) will provide the parent who owes child support Social Security Number, address, and employer and/or income information. The FPLS uses the most current information that is available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); Social Security Administration (SSA); National Personnel Records Center (NPRC); Department of Defense (DOD); Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA); Selective Service System (SSS); and State Employment Security Agencies (SESA). The information from the SESA is updated quarterly.

• State Parent Locator Service (SPLS) will check the social security number and name with the records of the following state offices: Employment; Motor Vehicles; Welfare; Worker’s Compensation; Taxation; State Employees; Corrections and Probation and some states access credit bureau records. The State Parent Locator can provide addresses, employers and unemployment and/or worker’s compensation benefits.

• Credit Bureau checks which can provide addresses, employers, and credit history.

• Criminal records which check local law enforcement agencies and can provide address from criminal records, traffic tickets, etc.

• IRS – 1099 form which provides asset information, bank accounts, businesses owned, social security number, etc.

• State Tax Offices records checks which can provide address and employer.
The following locate resources are available for you and DOR for finding an absent parent’s assets:

• Recorder’s Office or Clerk of Courts lists deeds to property.

• If parent who owes child support has a private business, check with the Secretary of State to see if the business is incorporated and verify the address of the corporation.

• Occupational and professional licensing bureaus: if the parent who owes child support is a doctor, dentist, nurse, X-ray technician, etc.

• Trade unions: contact state trade unions or the national trade union for the type of work the parent who owes child support does, such as electrician, plumber, etc.

• Contact the high school, trade school or college of the parent who owes child support. They may have a current address. They may also be the source of date of birth, and/or social security number.

The following resources are available at the Reference Desk of any Public Library throughout the country. You can even call the local library in the county and state where you think the absent parent may be living to have them check this information:

• Telephone books

• City Directory: lists occupations and places of employment, has phone number listing which can provide an address.

• Criss-Cross Directories (the name most often recognized is Haines): You can find someone in this directory either by name, or by their current address or by their current telephone number.

• Internet sources