Medical Support and Credit Problems

Question: My ex is suppose to pay medical bills not covered by insurance. I took our son to the doctor three months ago and he hasn’t paid. Now the doctor’s has turned the bill over to a collection agency, and they are ruining my credit. What can I do?

Answer: You will need to file contempt of court charges against your ex for failure to follow the medical support order.
Ask the court for judgment for the amount of unpaid medical bills, and collection of the judgment through additional payments. Hopefully, you have an income withholding order for child support payments, and this can be increased to include the medical support due.

In the mean time, pay the doctor bill to protect your credit rating. Since you are the parent who took the child to the doctor you are legally obligated to pay the bill. Send a letter to the credit bureau and explain the situation, and hopefully this will remove the “bad” mark from your credit report. Check your credit score . There are several websites which offer a free credit score check, this is quite helpful to monitor your credit rating and prevent problems.