Problems with Payment Distribution

Question: Please let me know if this disbursement is legally done by state court and child support enforcement division.

The court modification order for non-custodial parent to pay $695.00 monthly child support and $50.00 monthly arrears ($500.00) in a bi-weekly disbursement, computed for one year payment. Thus, custodial parent received first payment for the month (April) of $343.85 on the 17th day and the second payment of $343.85 on the next month (May) for the April”s remaining balance for child support and arrears payment ($695.00 and $50.00 monthly).

Answer: If you doubt that they are distributing payments correctly ask for an account audit and then file for a grievance hearing if you find a problem.

There are many issues to consider, for example, if payments are being made via an income withholding he could be paid once monthlhy, twice monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Once the payment is received the state disbursement unit  distribues the payments based on 4.3 weeks per month.  In most case this means a 10-45 day delay in payments starting,  after that, they should be disbursed a regular intervals and expected amounts, taking into consideration the affect of 5 week months (4.3 weeks per month calculation).