Interstate Paternity

Question: Seeking guidance on how to proceed with establishing child support if child’s father lives in NY and I live in FL. An acknowledgement of paternity was filed in NYS shortly after my son was born. My son is 14 and has never received any support from his father. I moved to Florida in 2008 and provided his father with our information but he did not keep in contact with us after 2009. We were unable to locate him from 2009 until about a year ago. Now we have contact information.

Answer: If he is still in NY contact the county where paternity was established an open a case at the child support unit. This way you don’t have to deal with 2 state bureaucracies.

If he’s not in NY, go the FL Department of Revenue and open a case and ask for establishment and enforcement of a support order. They will send legal paperwork to the state where he lives to establish an order, if one was not already established, for him to pay a specific amount. And if his employer is known they should set up a wage withholding order so that your child receives payments regularly form his paychecks.