Reporting Deadbeat Parents

Question: Can a grandparent report a deadbeat dad? Our daughter and her 3 children live with us and their father has stopped paying child support after being fired and taking a lesser paying job. His history of child support payments is not consistent.

Do we as grandparents have any options since we are providing them with food, shelter, clothing? Our daughter is in college full-time, works 20+ hours per week, and receives about $500 per month on an EBT card for food, and maintains the children on Medicaid for their protection. This is a last resort because when their father did have the court ordered medical coverage, we always ended up paying the outstanding balance at dentists/doctors offices. He has yet to pay for the birth of the two youngest children.

Our daughter is hesitant to report him because she feels sorry for him and she doesn’t want to interfere with the little time he spends with the children. I know what you are thinking and her father and I are pretty disgusted with the whole situation!

Thank you,


Answer: Yes you can report him send the information to the State child support agency ( see if your daughter has an open case with them, or the Judge if she only has a court case.