Placing Liens on Property

Question: My ex owns several airplanes, and has a couple listed online, see Mooney Airplanes For Sale. He owes about $50,000 in back support. Is there anything I can do to get part of the proceeds from the sale towards the back support.

Answer: Yes, you can place a lien on the title of the airplane, however if he has a loan on it, since that lien was placed first it will be paid off first. Liens can be placed on real and personal property such as real estate, cars, boats and planes.

In order to place a lien on the aircraft, you need to have a judgment for the child support arrears. In some states, back support is automatically a judgment, and in other you need to have the court enter a judgement for a specific amount. In some states, you will automatically get interest on the judgment, and in others you can ask the court to include interest.

If you have a case at a government child support agency they can obtain the judgment, and file the lien for you. Or you can hire an attorney to do this for you. If you need it done quickly such as this, in case of a sale, a private attorney would be the fastest way to accomplish placing a lien.