Finding the Best Surgical Instruments

surgeonBy Greta Jenkins

We all know how important it is to have quality surgical instruments on hand at hospitals, medical clinics and doctors’ offices. Some surgical instruments manufacturers have been providing well made surgical instruments for many years including; Karl Storz and Stryker’s Leibinger instruments.

Karl Storz has been producing medical instruments and devices since 1945. It is an international company based in Germany that is well known for quality products that are creative and versatile. These instruments are available for a wide range of surgical procedures including Neuro-Endoscopy, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
Ear, Nose, Throat, Plastic Surgery, Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery,  Thoracic surgery and pneumology, Gastroenterology, Laparoscopy in Surgery, Gynecology and Urology,  Gynecology, Urology, Proctology, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Microscopy, Pediatrics, and Veterinary Medicine. They also provide cameras, and light sources, and are probably best known for their endoscopy. Karl Stoz offers extensive training to medical professionals such as programs for surgeons, medical staff in clinics or other facilities, and offer ongoing in-service training, too.

Leibinger Instruments have been manufactured for more than a century; they are based in the Untied States and France. Stryker’s Leibinger instruments are made specifically for craniomaxillofacial surgery and include products for Orthopedics, Spine Craniomaxillofacial, Trauma, Endoscopy, OR Equipment and Connectivity, Foot & Ankle, EMS and Evacuation, Surgical Navigation Software, and Neurovascular Intervention. Stryker also provides extensive training for use of their medical devices including educational information for patients, especially those who have had knee replacements.

Finding the best instruments to meet your surgical needs is important and so is controlling costs, so comparing prices and quality is an important part of the process. But you can feel confident that either one of these companies will provide you with a quality and precision made product.

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5 Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy And Coming Back For More

A well-known marketing rule states that it is easier to keep the customers you have than to find new customers. People who already have a relationship with your office are more likely to turn their positive experience into repeat business. This is especially true in a service industry, such as dentistry.

How do you use dental office marketing to keep your customers happy and coming back for more? The following 5 tips can help.

Give Exceptional Service

No one will go back to an office with poor service or an unpleasant atmosphere. Visiting the dentist can be stressful to begin with, so extra care must be taken to make your customers feel at ease. Dental office marketing should reflect in the office itself: soothing colors, friendly faces on the staff, and a personal attention to detail for every visitor.

Gather the Right Information

A dentist’s office must collect certain information from its customers in order to contact them and file their records. Some of this information can be used to target dental direct mail campaigns on customer birthdays or near the time of their annual check-up. It can also be useful to know others in the family, so you can market children’s dental services to families.

Target the Best Customers

Identifying the best customers who are more likely to come back for additional dental services is vital to creating that long-term, profitable relationship. People who get cosmetic procedures done are more likely to want additional work done in the future. In business, marketing more to the customers most likely to return makes good sense.

Stay Connected

Yearly check-ups are the norm at a dental office, and more frequent visits could be warranted for some people. Stay connected to existing customers through email, phone contact, postcards or letters. Let them know about specials you have or when it is almost time for their return visit. Constant, thought not excessive, contact will increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Offer Incentives for Long Term Loyalty

Customers at a dental office want to feel like they’re more than just another set of teeth. People bring their children to the same dentist they use, and recommend them to their friends and family. Offer price break or extra services to long term, loyal customers. Create a loyal customer contact list and send out dental direct mail campaigns to those people.

Dental office marketing should focus on retaining loyal customers through a system of good service, fair prices and personal attention. Keep in contact and send out special offers to keep happy customers coming back for more.

4 Benefits of Using a Catering Software In Managing Catering Business Financials

By Manilyn Moreno

Any catering business will find really a great help to have catering software around. Aside from the trending functionality that it offers, catering software also does so much to curbing the waste of time and hard work, while helping catering owners and managers to get a better hand on their business. So, why get catering software? Read on the find out:

Great in Cutting Food and Labor Cost

Among the numerous cost-cutting benefits that catering software can offer include providing estimates on the cost of ingredients, which helps keep your budget under control. This software’s also great in helping you manage your proposals, prepare invoices upon orders which could automatically be rolled into the accounting system. Sales are also streamlined in a more orderly fashion to make it easier for clients to book for reservations.

Great in Obtaining Financial Reports for Tax Purposes

A great catering software makes it very easy for business owners to generate financial statements, like determining the business’ income and profits, for tax purposes and inventories. If you are someone with a keen attention to detail with regards to your company’s financial performance, then this is a really must-have tool. And it’s very easy to install on your company’s database, too. In just one click, you get a closer look at your company’s financials without hassle.

Menu Selection for Prospects Made Easy

One of the most crucial things that drive the sales of any catering firm is the menu selection. Before deciding to book your services, clients would always want to take a look at the cuisines that are up for grabs. A catering software could help you on this because you have to do is to enter all the dishes and beverages that you have to offer, so that in just one click, checking, selecting and ordering menus come with ease and convenience. The customer would be very happy to see that you have such a wide array of menus available and you have the perfect and matching cuisines to complete their event.

But what if the customer wants a more personalized menu selection?

It’s not a problem if you have a catering software. You can always mix and match whatever your customer’s palate desires. So if your customer wants a mix of veggies and meaties, or they want to go totally Oriental, show them what you have to offer with the help of catering software.

Corresponding to customers and prospects made faster

Timely and comprehensive response to your customers’ inquiries is vital for the success of your catering business. This only shows how professional you are in dealing with them. A catering software helps establish a more professional communication without hassle… And no need to scour for your customer’s address because the software will automatically insert it for you!  Other features include tracking and managing customer relations plus a complete customer database which will make it easier and faster for you to contact your clients via email or telephone.

Perhaps, you would be very happy to know that a catering software is such a great help in your business. It makes it all smooth, easy, transparent and fast to keep track, manage and operate your business right at the tip of your fingers. So, if you really want to boost your business’ accuracy, efficiency, performance and profitability waste no time. Grab a catering software now and see your business go the distance.

About the Author:

Manilyn Moreno is a freelance writer. Currently, she’s writing for Better Cater, a catering software company. She writes tips and advice for caterers and catering business owners. You can read more of her tips at

Patient/Client Communication Software

Software to communicate with patients/clients is an essential part of your business plan. So no matter if you are contacting them to remind them about an appointment, offer a new service or share a holiday greeting, finding the right automated calling system is very important.  Auto dialers  are frequently used by  sales professionals, realtors, insurance professionals, dentists, chiropractors and other healthcare care providers.  Outflow Systems  power dialer allows you to reach your patients/clients  three times faster than manual dialing. It is efficient, and easy to use.  It includes unlimited calls on unlimited lines to anywhere in the US & Canada. No telephone lines required works from your PC.

Medical Business Software You Might Not Know About

If you operate an assisted living facility you can now find software to help you control costs and provide quality health care to your residents. Right Click Software offers
software which is adaptable to your facility, helps you establish goals and meausure outcomes, increases efficiency, and enhances information sharing. It is available in a lite or enterprise version so that you can find the right solution for your assisted living facility. Almost 1 million people now live in assisted care facilities and this is a growing population, making this medical software essential.

Need to monitor temperature and other environmental factors in a hospital, research or clincal setting? Cold chain monitoring is available to ensure safety and patients wellness.
24/7 FreshLoc’s “Cloud” services monitor temperature and other environmental conditions. Data is stored in a cloud and regularly sent sent via email or you can access online through your browser. This software automates your system, provides alerts and meets and surpasses government requirements for food, blood bank, hospital and life sciences. It includes a wireless data-logging sensor to ensure coverage even when there is a loss of power. And since the data is stored in a cloud you will not need your own server. In additional, to patient safety various state and federal regulation concerning cold chain monitoring exist, so the need to adequately monitor and report on that process is essential to many health care and academic instituions.

Do you know about other medical software? Let us know so that we can share it with our readers. Getting found on the web to share information about your medical software can be challenging, and even if you are using an online advertising agencies you should let blogs like ours know about your products. There is a great deal of interest about medical software break-throughs.

Software Translation Services

If you develop business software, having the ability to translate it into other languages can really expand your market place. To do this you need certified translation services from a company you can trust to not just understand the difference in languages but understand your technology and the proprietary nature of your business. One that has a proven track record and will ensure complete privacy to protect your business trade secrets.

Having the right software localization can really boost sales and turn your company into a competitor in the global marketplace. Asian markets, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, and Philippines will account for more that 15% of business growth in the coming decade.

Is your company ready? It can be, with the right software translation and management structure. Other translation services you might want to pursue are website , marketing material and training manual translation.

Do you really need to hire staff in each country to do this or can you hire it done by a translation services firm? Many companies have been pleasantly surprised to learn they don’t need to hire staff in several countries in order to be competitive, instead they used certified translation services.



What a Business should do when Financial Crisis strikes

During this recession, many small business (and large ones come to think of it) have struggled to stand the test of time and have become victims of extreme debt and financial issues. Whilst some were issued with a winding up petition, others chose to deal with problem by arranging a debt management plan.

These plans are not only designed to suit those who owe one single creditor a lump sum but for those who have multiple debt problems that cannot be rectified within the current structure. Businesses as well as individuals are entitled to DMP as long as they seek the approval of their creditors.

Company voluntary arrangements (CVA) are one of the most favoured plans that companies strive for. A CVA is where a company is able to pay back their debt in small, more affordable payments over time.

There will be an agreed time period that this arrangement will adhere to and in many cases businesses are seen to wipe out up to 45% of their entire debt.

The main advantage of such an agreement is that the business is able to continue operating without the grief, hassle and pressure of creditors contacting them. It is important to remember that creditors must agree to the new proposed amount of payment. Without their agreement, the plan is deemed unfeasible and the debt will remain.

A pre pack administration plan is something far more extreme, although it is still an ideal process for many companies. This process, often referred to as phoenixing, is where the directors of an insolvent company buy the assets of it and then trade in place of the company with a brand new one. The old company is then liquidated, meaning that the new company can continue to operate without the debt hanging over them. An important factor with this plan is that this is the one process that does not require the permission of creditors and so does not sit well with them.

There are other options that are available to companies who are struggling to re-pay the debt that they have incurred previously. Without seeking professional help and advice, the majority will be unaware of the many plans that can be implemented which will help them get back into the black.

The Importance of Choosing the Right ERP System

A businesses’ need for software only intensifies with growth and so keeping up to date with developments in the industry is key to success. However, replacing all old versions of software with new ones can create a cluster of systems that only serve to confuse employees and users. Implementing an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) will be a huge advantage for any company who wants to increase productivity and navigation.

An ERP system allows for every operational part of a company work simultaneously by storing data in one place. All data can then be monitored, amended and acted upon immediately, leaving less space for error and mistakes and ultimately increasing productivity. In addition to this, reports from every facet of the business are made which may reveal certain factors and pieces of information that were not brought to attention previously.

Finding the right ERP system to suit a particular business, however, is far from an easy task. The whole process should be treated as an investment rather than simply a software purchase as this type of software has the potential to revolutionize how a company is run. With the right system, training and practices, productivity can be significantly increased, boosting both profit and growth.

When deciding on a system that meets the requirements of a business, consider the following:

  • Budget – How much money is willing to be spent on implementing such a system?
  • Time – How much time is available to set up the system and how will training be managed?
  • Hosting – Determine where the system will be hosted. Will it be on site, off site or Cloud-based?
  • Support – What amount of support and services are offered or needed for the system to run successfully?

Every business has different needs, duties and challenges and so every system needs to be tailor made to fit the on-going processes in that company. Whether it is retail, distribution or manufacturing software that is desired, there is sure to be a system that can be effective in capitalizing on a company’s potential.

Whilst this type of technology is far from cheap, the return on investment (ROI) can be incredibly strong, making it a worthwhile tool in business.

Merger and Acquisition and IPO Virtual Data Room

If you plan to sell your business consider setting up a virtual data room (VDR) to share your business records, financial reports and other sensitive information in a secure online environment. Providing potential buyers the opportunity to review your records will enhance the sales process and attract more buyers.

VDR solution for IPO process is also available. It can help you negotiate the best possible underwriter guarantee and/or help you form a syndicate. VDR are often used by banks for this type of business transaction.

Using a virtual data room enables you to have multiple buyers viewing records simultaneously in an online secure way. Additionally, i  provides you with real time reports as to exactly who and what records are being accesses. This will give you the best information available for any negotiations.

You may also need a technical translation services provider,  such as Merrill Brink translation services, to ensure you are adequately communicating with buyers in this global market.


The Importance of Effective Software Licence Management

Software licence management is steadily becoming more and more important to businesses in all industries. After all, information technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous across all of our lives.

It has penetrated its way into the modern home, as well as the office. With the ubiquity of information technology in the modern business environment, organisations are posed with new challenges, new threats and new opportunities.

One of these challenges is the issue of software licence management. This article will outline why exactly effective software licence management is important and why it is in your interest to carry it out effectively.

Compliance is a Legal Requirement

The bottom line is that proper software licence management and compliance with your software licence is a legal requirement.

Effective software licence management is imperative if you want to ensure you are licensed to use the software your industry requires. In theory, staying inside of your software licence seems relatively straightforward. In practice though, when you have hundreds upon hundreds of software licences, it can be very difficult.

Protection against Cyber Threats

The knock-on effect of compliance with your software licence is that you are doing your utmost to ensure you are protected against the latest cyber threats. Data, as most in the upper echelons of business will be well aware, is one of a business’ most valuable assets.

With the vast majority of a business’ data now being held online, it is more important than ever that your software does not jeopardise its security. If you neglect your software licence, you will not be guarded against cyber threats and neither will your data.

This could be disastrous. So then, what is the solution? How can you ensure proper software licence management? The key is software licence consultants. They will ensure that you are both legally complaint and that your software does not jeopardise your business’ data.