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Quiz: How Frugal Are You? | The Budget Diet

Quiz: How Frugal Are You?

Quiz: How Frugal Are You?

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How frugal are you?  This fun quiz may make you think twice about your spending habits!
#1. How many times a week does your family eat dinner out?
A. More than 3 times
B. Once or twice
C. Only on special occasions

#2. When I go to the grocery…
A. I never use a list…just grab & go!
B. I start with a list and pick up a few extra things.
C. I’m a coupon queen…sticking to my list, comparing prices & using coupons!

#3. When it comes to shopping…
A. I’m a shopaholic…I buy what I want, when I want it, and I cry when the bill comes!
B. I occasionally splurge, but I love a sale!
C. I only buy what I need, & I always search for a bargain.

#4. If you look in my garage…
A. You’ll discover why I can’t park my car inside!
B. You’ll wonder why I still have a pink tricycle since my daughter is 10.
C. You’ll know that I’m a neat freak!

#5. My best friends’ birthday is next week, so
A. I’ll grab a gift on the way to the party.
B. I’ll make a trip to the mall this week.
C. I’ll pull the perfect gift out of my closet because I found it on sale last month.

#6. My household budget
A. Doesn’t exist…I just make sure my checking account is not overdrawn.
B. Was created a long time ago, but we stuck it in the desk drawer and forgot about it.
C. Is on a spreadsheet that we update once a year.


Rate yourself:
Mostly A’s – You’re a prime candidate for The Budget Diet Boot Camp – a personalized program for serious savings!
Mostly B’s – You’re on the right track, and a little motivation will help!  Read:  Cut Your Spending by $400 a Month, and you’ll find over 70 money saving tips to easily incorporate in your life!
Mostly C’s – You should be writing this blog!  Please share your frugal living tips by leaving comments!


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