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Help! I Can’t Remember to Use My Coupons

Help! I Can’t Remember to Use My Coupons

You clip coupons, you organize coupons, and then you get to the cashier and realize that you forgot your coupons, again!

What’s the best way to remember your coupons?


The reason most of us forget our coupons is we make unplanned trips to the grocery, we don’t have a list, and our coupons are comfy in a desk drawer at home.

Grocery shopping should be a 3-step process:

  • Plan Your Meals – Meal planning tips: pay attention to what’s on sale, and keep your family schedule in mind. Don’t tackle an ambitious meal on a crazy busy night, instead opt for a simple soup and sandwich supper or a crock pot dinner.
  • Make a Grocery List – If you shop without a list, you’ll end up wasting money on things you don’t need, and you’ll find yourself making multiple trips to the grocery each week. It may seem quicker to pick up what you need at the grocery each day, but don’t forget to factor in your driving time and gas expense.
  • Gather Your Coupons – Attach any coupons that you need to your grocery list, and you’ll be ready to ring up the savings at check out!

You’ll need to dedicate about an hour each week to planning your meals, making your grocery list and gathering coupons. This may seem like a lot of time, but I’ll bet your multiple trips to the grocery store add up to much more than an hour.

When it comes to coupons for restaurants and stores, I always keep those in my car! I must admit there have been times when I’m standing in line at DSW, and I have to jump out of line to run to my car for the $10 coupon, but that’s easier than driving home for the coupling or just not using it at all.

If you need help with meal planning and grocery list making, here are a couple of great organizational tools from Amazon:

Please leave a comment to share your tips for remembering to use coupons.

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