Fearless Business Steps

People forget how important it is to be fearless. I don’t know where you learn it.  In fact, I’m not exactly sure where I got my sense of being fearless When you are starting a new company,  each new challenge can be scary.  Your ideas will be challenged.   Stick to your plan.  (Do I have to recite every sports figure who succeeded against all odds? Every restaurant mega chain that wasn’t supposed to work?)  You know whatever you set your mind to; you can make happen.

Everyone will always have an opinion.  Lots of people will be good resources.  Keep  your ears open for helpful information; your eyes open for opportunity; your sleeves rolled up for the hard work ahead; and your confidence and courage to perservere.

I have always said that the first step to implementing a new business idea is to first, have a plan of course: get a general idea of the direction to go in.  Know your opening operational basics: location, initial investment, tools,  equipment and employees.  The next step, in my opinion is to find a model.  Some relatable business in a comparable industry that you can gain some operational acumen from to fill in details~software, hardware, systems, policies, procedures, capital, assets~gleen as much information about that operation as you possibly can.   Put your business idea in a business category, (retail, hospitality, service, etc) then seek out a relatable business to model after.  Seeing other’s operations, and meeting the entrepreneurs,  should give you those ‘real life’ sport figures and mega entrepreneurs -right in your own backyard-that you can use for inspiration in order for you to stick to your journey.

The rest of the story; the beginning of your new empire will begin.  I am a subscriber to the principle that you do not have to plan the entire “entity” out step-by-step.  Some of the fun and creativity is to let your business evolve.  I started this by telling you about being fearless.  Not knowing every detail may be scary; in the same breath, most people never get started because they feel it has to be perfect.  This is a textbook definition of  Fearing Failure! As you complete each step in your business plan.  Keep your eyes on the goal and Never give up.  Tell someone else your plan, to hold you accountable.  Most of lifes failures happen one step before the success comes.

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Ellen Little

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