Tribe Finders for Business

Ellen Little Business Resolutions

Sometimes you are light and sometimes you are someone's shade

Hello Friends, it has been a wonderful exciting year.  I have so much to tell you, so stay tuned! First of all, the best thing that I ever did for my business and for myself was to establish my tribe.

I have a group of people who have diverse backgrounds, passions and businesses and together we click. We bounce wonderful ideas off of each other. We meet a few times a month at events or meetings and we always find time to brainstorm new ideas and adventures.

This year our adventures consisted of: Celebrating our 1 year anniversary on July 4th, 2012 with Rich Chix Investment Group: Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage; a bunch of us went stand up paddleboarding; new business openings; job club ministries developed; faculty groups bonded; and much much more.  We celebrate as much as we possibly can; all of the great news that all of us are experiencing.

That is one of the keys to success. Find a tribe. Find a group of people who are experiencing similar adventures, and bond together to create support for one another. You will find power and strength in numbers (and friends).

Keeping things Simple

I have such an incredible opportunity to spend quality time with business owners who have a drive for success. I also spend time with people who have great ideas and could really capitalize on their talent, but don’t because of Fear. The first thing I can tell you is the only difference between these two types of people, is that the business owners had the same fear, and overcame it with the first step.

Do not feel like you have to conform into some business plan or creative idea right away. When I started my business plans, I simply asked myself business related questions. What services would I provide (and how much revenue would I get from those services?) Where would I get my clients (how could I find my audience, and who was my target audience?) and how would I manage the process (I identified the tools and good habits that I needed to form). That is what started my ability to focus on my business; and create momentum to open others. Have you ever heard the phrase, “keep the main thing, the main thing?”. That phrase is what helps me keep my focus. Writing this blog monthly, reminds me that I sometimes run into challenges too. I deal with those challenges head on, and remember how a lack of action would affect my income streams.

I appreciate this opportunity to share infomration with you. My initial consultations are free, and I love to help new businesses start out the right way. Call me today and I will help you get on your way and reduce your fear!