Why Write About Alzheimer’s?

When my aunt and mother developed Alzheimer’s and I became their caregiver, each one necessitating different types of care, I never thought I’d be writing about the experience, even though I’m a writer.

“Keep a journal,” my husband Jim said. “You may want to remember some of the experiences.”

I thought this might be for reference when I needed to recall times and dates or to relate to friends and family.

However, I soon found others with Alzheimer’s family members and friends turning to me to share and to ask for suggestions. After spending a great amount of time on the phone one afternoon with a friend, I realized the information she sought might be of interest to others. So I approached a newspaper I often wrote for. I asked if they would be interested in a series of articles about Alzheimer’s and caregiving. They were and the series was well received.

I realized there was a need, so I kept writing…for newspapers, for magazines, and eventually my book, When We Become the Parent to Our Parents. Next I began speaking to caregiver groups and others.

With Alzheimer’s continuing to afflict so many families around the globe, I find an even greater need for me to write…to inform and to encourage.

Share and ask questions. I’d enjoy hearing from you.