Valentine’s Day with an Alzheimer’s Patient

Valentine’s Day won’t be the same once your family member has developed Alzheimer’s.  It will depend on the stage they’re at whether they will even have a connection with this special day.  Also, what are the memories associated with Valentine’s Day throughout the patient’s life.

Don’t feel disappointed if your parent or spouse doesn’t recall what the day is or special traditions associated with it.  Go with the present and develop new memories. 

  • Give cards.  If children are involved, perhaps they’ll like to make cards for Grandmother/Great grandmother.
  • Plan a party.  Even when my mom didn’t realize the significance of the occasion, my grandchildren did and she seemed happy hearing their joyous sounds.
  • If the Alzheimer’s patient is in a nursing home and they plan a special occasion, join it if you can.  I often took the grandchildren along for parties like this.  They were at a young age when any party was a fun time, no matter where it was.
  • Create a scrapbook with pictures and memories of former Valentine’s Day festivities.  Share this with the Alzheimer’s patient.  It may help stimulate memories.
  • Provide something pretty and festive for the patient to wear on this occasion.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Alzheimer’s family members?  Do other family members join in?

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