Laughter….Medicine for Alzheimer’s Patients & Their Families

“We don’t laugh enough,” my mom remarked, when she saw my husband and me laughing at some humorous incident involving her care.  (It often was either laugh or cry.)

I realized Mother didn’t think we were laughing at her (something I’d feared), but enjoyed the sound of laughter and joined us.  I also realized that she needed laughter in her life, as we did in ours, and we then tried to see the humor in situations that could be frustrating.

It was interesting to come across an article today, Research Finds Laughter May Be  Strong Medicine for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients.  Researchers are finding that laughter can be a help in reducing agitation and the struggles associated with these situations.


Try a Smile When You’re Overwhelmed with Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Try a smile…when you’re overwhelmed with caring for your Alzheimer’s patient.  Usually it makes you feel better and the patient, too. 

“We don’t laugh enough,” Mother remarked, when hubby and I were laughing over a situation that occurred while caring for her.  She didn’t know what we were laughing about, but she enjoyed the sound of laughter and began to smile.

I realized I tended to scold Mother, find frustrations instead of laughing, smiling and looking for the joy.  No, I couldn’t change the situation by laughing and looking for joy, but I could lift my spirits and Mother’s.  I could realize that some of the frustrations were temporary and often not serious enough to get upset over.

How about trying to smile and laugh throughout your day with your Alzheimer’s patient?